How to Pick Furniture That Fits a Room’s Features


Furniture is by far one of the most substantial elements of a home’s interior decor. It’s both functional and decorative at the same time, which means a number of things must be considered before selecting furniture. Ultimately, you’ll want to pick furniture that fits a room’s current features.

Here are some expert interior design tips on how to do just that:

Work Off of the Architectural Era

Architectural trends and techniques have evolved over the years. The architectural features are the bones of a home, but they also affect the look and feel of a home. Unless you plan to do major renovations, the architecture is going to influence the interior design.

The architectural era is a reflection of when the home was built. For a cohesive design, it’s best to choose furniture that looks like it’s from the same time period whether it’s a vintage piece or brand new. Furniture makers that have been in the business for decades could even offer both. Classic Bernhardt furniture was made during the mid-century modern era and now new pieces bring a fresh take on the clean design.

If you aren’t sure when your home was built or what architectural era it’s from, head down to the permit records office. Personnel should be able to help you locate records that show when the home was built.

Play Off of a Focal Point Feature

Most rooms have a feature that’s the focal point. It’s a bold feature that stands out and draws the eye. It’s best for a room to have just one focal point so a number of things aren’t competing for attention.

However, if you do want your furniture to get noticed work off of the focal point’s design aesthetic. A good example is a modern fireplace that’s suspended in the middle of the wall. Rather than trying to compete with a focal point, let the design inspire your furniture selection.

With a strong focal feature, you’ll want to keep furniture simple. The focal point will remain the center of attention but the furniture serves as an interesting way to draw the eye with being a distraction.

Let Scale Help With Size

Furniture needs to fit the space where it will live. This starts with the scale of the room.

In a small room, large pieces of furniture will make space look more cramped and closed in. Conversely, furniture that is too small will be overshadowed and seem even smaller in a large room.

When furniture fits the scale of the room, it looks appropriate for the room size. Use one of the new AI room measurement apps to get an exact idea of the footprint. Next, consider the height of the room. Both of these combined give you an idea of what furniture size will serve the best purpose.

Go Against the Grain With Smaller Pieces

If you want to mix things up a bit and create a more eclectic look turn your attention to small furniture pieces. Items like side tables and dining room chairs are where you can go against the grain because they are accessory pieces. They complement larger pieces of furniture that conform with the rest of the decor while still adding a unique twist.

Try adding a pop of color with the smaller pieces or choose a complimentary design aesthetic. For instance, if you have a Victorian-era home and furnishings you can add a few contemporary pieces to bring the interior decor into the present day.

Keep Within a Color Scheme

Color affects mood and can make a room more pleasing to the eye. When colors clash it makes things look out of place and can put people on edge. When you’re deciding on a fabric choice for furniture take note of the paint colors, cabinets and flooring. All of these elements work together to create a color scheme.

Furniture is a big investment that can costs thousands of dollars for a single room. Homeowners that take the time to find furniture that fits a room’s decor will create a harmonious feeling that’s inviting, comfortable and sensible for the space.

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