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Wix has been in the business for many years now offering a simple and stunning solution for people that would like to create a website using their easy drag and drop editor. With a huge selection of free website templates, Wix helped to open up the door for non-designers and non-developers to get started with building a site. Recently, they launched the beta testing version of Wix Code.  Wix Code was created for both the more advanced users, and for anyone looking for a bit more a challenge with web design and creation.

When deciding what type of platform to use for creating a website, it is important to ensure that the right processes are in place to build the site, or whatever application you are working on. You will want the necessary technical support, because it is what makes the difference between success and failure. There are many options nowadays, but when a decision must be taken to guarantee a stable, sustainable environment for building powerful websites and web applications, Wix Code offers the capabilities that stand out, and qualify them as a verified and trusted candidate.

What is WixCode

WixCode offers users the ability to create web applications or build sophisticated websites. Some of the key features that are offered with Wix Code are the option to build database collections, use custom forms and also you can make a website that is content rich. Additionally, you can add JavaScript code to your pages for custom interactions, and you can customize Wix APIs and add third-party APIs to your site. Wix Code is built in with the editor, so it still offers the classic drag and drop options that you are familiar with when you build a website with Wix.

Key advantages

WixCode is serverless
What does this mean? You don’t need to stress about buying or maintaining servers. Instead, you can focus your attention on maintaining your site, and increasing the functionality of your site.

Main Features

Database Collections
One of the great new features that are available with Wix Code is Database Collections. Database Collections allow you to manage all of the content from your site easily and in a logical way. If for example you are running a shop, then you might want to use database collection for categorizing inventory. You can put in the applicable fields, such as name, product type, price ect, and it will be set up like a spread sheet.  The structure will allow you to put in lots of data quickly and easily.

Dynamic Pages
Dynamic Pages is the next step after you put in all of your Data. Using the data in the spreadsheet that you created, you can quickly develop hundreds of new pages for your site. All of the pages will share the same design, and will be automatically created based on the information that you inputted. The best part, is that each page will have a custom URL for easy access.  You can change the auto generated URL to be more specific.

Custom Interactions
By introducing JavaScript code in your pages you don’t have a static experience while accessing information. Instead, you give your users the possibility of interacting with your application. In this way user experience is highly increased, your content is responding to different actions and even more, you are communicating at a new level with your customers. Developer tools allow you to create events and customize different behaviors by simple functions.

Custom interactions grant you the possibility in getting control of your site’s functionality. You will be able to respond to anything a user does, either is clicking a button, hovering a picture, scrolling a list.

Wix Code APIs
Using JavaScript, you can make adjustments to Wix’s APIs and you can work more extensively with Third-party APIs. Playing with the API’s gives you even more control over your site, and the functionality of all of the different elements.

Other Cool Features coming soon
WixCode is continuously updated with valuable features. Some of the new coming soon features are:

  • Compute Functions
  • Database Relations
  • Repeating Layouts
  • Master-Detail with No Coding
  • Import/Export
  • Joins with No Coding
  • Additional Field Types.

Wix is also providing all the necessary support for every developer. Be part of Beta Group, check the tutorials and presentation videos to become an expert in using WixCode. The videos are one of the best resources available, you can easily learn everything that you need to know about how to use Wix Code, and what the functionalities are. Plus, you can get inspired for your own site! Overall, Wix Code is a huge revolution from the traditional Wix structure, and it is exciting to see where it goes.

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