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Build powerful websites and web applications with Wix Code


Wix has been in the business for many years now offering a simple and stunning solution for people that would like to create a website using their easy drag and drop editor. With a huge selection of free website templates, Wix helped to open up the door for non-designers and non-developers to get started with […]

Concept Feedback: get reviews for your work


Concept Feedback is a free web application that allows you to post your website, landing page, mockup or wireframe and get design, usability and marketing feedback from a community of online professionals. Your work is rated based on points that are placed into couple categories like: design, purpose, originality and engagement.

SDP Labs


SDP Labs is a premiere web design and development company specializing in Rich Internet Applications, Web 2.0, Mobile Applications, iPhone friendly & compatible Websites, Flash Application Development. SDP Labs has served more than 500 clients in USA, UK and India.