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30+ Websites That Make Use Of Beautiful Typography


Microsoft Office best buy Typography plays an important part in web design. It also makes the difference between a good design and bad one because you need to choose the fonts in a way that must go in harmony with the rest of design elements. Also there is important to use certain fonts that load […]

Typography and Text Effects Photoshop Tutorials


Typography is very used nowadays on the Internet. Fonts play an important part into a site design and presentation as are the main interface that express the message to visitors. When you see an effect on a text you are more of the time curious how the author got that style. We present you a […]

Paul Wallas :: Web and UX Designer


portfolio of web and UX designer Paul Wallas

Playing with Typography


Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Typography appeared in ancient times and since then got improoved and studied more and more. Fonts play the most important part when you want to express something in writing. We may say that visually and emotionally fonts express different feelings. […]

Book review: The Principles of Beautiful Web Design


We recommend you this book to every beginner that wants to have a start point for web design. Reading it is very simple and you will have presented the fundamentals of designing. Basic concenpts are presented and exemplified by Jason Beaird, the author of this book. I think even a programmer is good to read […]

Designers worth mentioned – Stefan Chinof


Stefan Chinof is a bulgarian illustrator. His areas of interest are: typography, advertising, art direction, cover and illustration. We were impressed by his artwork. He knows very well to match colors creating powerful tones and contrasts and also nice effects.