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dualSlider: two sided jQuery slider


When you are not satisfied with the animation of one slider there is always a solution. You can use a two sided slider like dualSlider. It is simple to configure and use so you will not have any problem.

TOP 5 Jquery/Ajax Image Sliders and Galleries


Starting with today we will have a  Top 5  each week, featuring five of the most appreciated design goodies by our team. This week’s feature is represented by something that need’s not to be missing from any portfolio page: image galleries, and to be more specific jquery/ajax powered sliders and galleries. Take a look and […]

Free custom sliders designs


Sliders are very popular today. Many company or personal presentations use them to showcase most important sections or portfolio elements. This is why INDEZINER came up with a nice themed designed slider. It has 4 themes with different backgrounds and frames and also .psd files are included. The slider I have used in these example […]