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Minimalist Websites Design Inspiration


Minimal design is more and more used all over the web. Why? Because sending a message sometimes does not need fancy packaging but instead a direct message to mind. Nowadays is pretty hard to do simple things rather then complicated stuff. Maybe because we receive easily huge amount of information and share the same a […]



BrightBulb s 5 step policy begins with an exchange of information, then pre-production, followed by design, feedback & revisions, and lastly finalization. These steps are created and followed out to give the clients a clear understanding of the design process and ultimately the best possible product.

Edgar Leijs


I am Edgar Leijs a web designer from amsterdam.
I care about clean code less is more html5 css3 and mobile is on my mind right now i write i speak save energy live not on standby this site is green, not yellow

NEW Creative Flash Websites


Flash sites will always have no boundaries. We picked up some of the best around the Internet and mostly important VERY creative. Please check our list and comment about whats the best site if you can. We think all deserve to be awarded.

45 Examples of Using the Color Red in Web Design


Red is one of the most used colors out there. Among other things it symbolizes passion and courageĀ  and it has a strong visual impact. Numerous designers implement it in their work either in logos, backgrounds or other website elements. In today’s article we have selected 45 web designs using the color red in various […]