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Amazing websites made by russian designers


When comes about web design we can not say for sure that a country or other has the best designers. But, one thing we can say for sure is that russian web designers are not some amators. No…. in fact they are not at all. What they do is web design and they do it […]

Keep your website colorful, examples and trends


Colors are a way of life. Everywhere is color around us. Is normally to use colors in any variety of combinations to express life and all your feelings. In web design we may say that colors are everything. A website is eye catching if you know how to proper use colors. Not all combinations are […]

iPhone and Pad Inspirations

Jul is a showcase gallery featuring the best iphone and ipad app / web design

Looking back to some of 2009 best websites designs


At the end of 2009 we look back for best websites of this year. We selected a few that consider worth visiting and want to share this list with you. Feel free to add your own site to this list or other sites you consider representative for 2009.

45 Examples of Using the Color Red in Web Design


Red is one of the most used colors out there. Among other things it symbolizes passion and courageĀ  and it has a strong visual impact. Numerous designers implement it in their work either in logos, backgrounds or other website elements. In today’s article we have selected 45 web designs using the color red in various […]

25 inspirational lifestyle websites


What is lifestyle? A simple question with a simple answer: the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group, basically everything we do as individuals and groups. Because it is such an important and talk about topic in our days we have browsed […]