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Fabric textures, Inspiration from websites and Resources


android spy software Nowadays there are many sites built based on textures. Either is a jeans texture or a leather one they all have one thing in common: the imperfection of the pattern and material. This makes things look more natural rather then a certain repeated organized perfect pattern. But this is not all about […]

Ajax application – Deploy it safe and easy


AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML) is a relatively recent technology – more precisely, a collection of technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and XML – yet it has already found its place in the web development environment. Because it is a combination of existing, well-known technologies, AJAX is easier to learn and it gives developers […]

50 Christmas Holiday Goodies


Just a few days until Christmas and things are starting to get festive here at indeziner. We can hardly wait for the day to arrive, to sit around the tree with our families and just enjoy the holiday. You should be doing the same, but until then take a look at our article. We have […]