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The Beauty of Macro Photography


Macro photography always impress the eyes of the people because brings a detailed look over things that can’t be seen so well with a simple eye look. From this planet macro photography is mostly used on insects due to the fact they are small creatures built in all sort of details like a piece of […]

Amazing photo manipulation tutorials


Sometimes an image says it all. Sometimes people stop and watch an image long time because they want to get the message or because they are impressed by the way it was created. Shooting pictures takes years of real practice to be able to catch exactly the best scene and emotion of that stage. A […]

Yaratici Fikirler | Creative Ideas


Reklam ve Pazarlama Adina Merak Ettiğin ne Varsa Hepsi Burada

creer magazine


With so many great designers and design communities online, wouldn’t it be nice to find one place to read about who’s doing what and where their doing it.

Put simply, we are an online magazine dedicated to serving the design community, specifically those who blog or who are considering setting up a blog. It is our goal to educate and inspire individuals from all walks of design.

Each month we will interview/showcase professional and student talent/profiles, provide insight on new trends, communities, and much more.

Artist worth mentioned – Victoria Sims


Victoria Sims is a 22 year old photographer and photo manipulator from the United Kingdom. With visually stunning photographs she stands out from the crowd and delights our senses. In this article we have selected a few samples of her work for your inspiration.

Alex Flueras – Photography


Online photography portfolio of a Romanian artist. Horizontal scrolling. Valid.

Artist worth mentioned – Elizabeth May


Elizabeth May is a twenty-tow-year-old fashion and fantasy photographer based in the United Kingdom. Her journey in photography began when she sixteen-years-old. Her style depicts a fantasy world and her purpose is to tell a story. Here are some samples of her work.

Artist worth mentioned – Lara Jade


Lara Jade is a portrait photographer and photo manipulator from the UK. She first picked up a camera at the age of  13, and started her business at age 17.  She is one of most recognized artists having over 11 million page views. She has also been featured in various international photography magazines. Here […]

Artist worth mentioned – Marcin Stawiarz


Marcin Stawiarz is an experimental photographer from Poland.  He was been featured in magazines all over the world and won several photography awards. His portfolio consists of pictures form his trips to France, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Wales and Germany. Here are a some of his works: how can i make quick […]

Artists worth mentioned – Cristina Venedict


Cristina Venedict discovered photography 4 years ago. She makes photography with her soul, and for each image created she puts in it photographs captured in different moments of her life and each of them meant a lot for her in that moment. She lives in Romania and has a degree in psychology. Here are a […]