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Ultra Modern Watch Designs


Watches are some of the most interesting and useful accessories and a lot of people love them not only for the reason that show time but also for the design that make them eye-catching and extraordinary. We picked up for you some of the most beautiful and watches that are a state of the art […]

Christmas Tree Inspiration


One of the Christmas things we are forward to do is decorating the Christmas tree. Everyone want their tree to be the most beautiful to express the joy and very nice feelings that were put together to create a piece from the puzzle that is the magic of Christmas. There are a lot of elements […]

Yellow themed websites inspiration


Yellow is sunshine. It is a warm color that, like red, has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denotes happiness and joy but on the other hand yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit. Maybe because of this yellow is not used so much in web design. Still we consider that yellow themed […]

30 New Photoshop tutorials to move and inspire you


Either your are a Photoshop expert or a beginner tutorials play an important part in any designer style education. You learn new techniques and sometime you discover that things are not the way you thought would be. You can see that achieving a goal may be done by others in 3 steps rather then 10 […]

Imagination pushed to the next level in amazing flash websites


cell phone tracker online Even if many people renounce at using flash to build website we still consider Flash as the technology of the future. Visual effects you do in Flash can not be replaced by any jQuery library or other sort of application at the moment. We were astonished by some great Flash sites […]

How to create your own personal portfolio website – Getting Inspired


We introduce you “How to create your own personal portfolio website” episodes. This episodes will help you create a website from inspiration point and finding the idea to building the design and code for it. The first episode is the part where you will look for the idea of the portfolio website you imagine is […]

iPhone and Pad Inspirations

Jul is a showcase gallery featuring the best iphone and ipad app / web design

Inspirational and creative Slideshows In Web Design


Slideshows are used almost in all sites nowadays. It is a nice way to display multiple information in the same place and make people pay attention to it. There are a lot of slideshows for free that are very easy to be customized even if for people that do not know so much about web […]

Looking back to some of 2009 best websites designs


At the end of 2009 we look back for best websites of this year. We selected a few that consider worth visiting and want to share this list with you. Feel free to add your own site to this list or other sites you consider representative for 2009.

45 Examples of Using the Color Red in Web Design


Red is one of the most used colors out there. Among other things it symbolizes passion and courageĀ  and it has a strong visual impact. Numerous designers implement it in their work either in logos, backgrounds or other website elements. In today’s article we have selected 45 web designs using the color red in various […]