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A short guide to create your perfect business card


We use business cards all the time. Either they are in physical form or electronic, we need them to present our image or business to the people.It is vital nowadays to have a business card when we meet clients and even during our holidays in case we find a good opportunity to promote our work. […]

Valentines Lovers


essay writer Valentines Day is coming and we celebrate it by decorating our desktops with a nice wallpaper to make us smile and feel the love all around. We invite you to download and use our wallpaper and get together in piece and harmony. Happy Valentines Day!

Amazing Halloween Artwork Inspiration


Halloween is one of the funniest and inspiring holiday of the year. Artists all over the world create illustrations and all kind of artwork in the spirit of this holiday. We selected some of the best pieces of Halloween art to present to you. Check them out!



Matias Corado’s design and illustration portfolio

creer magazine


With so many great designers and design communities online, wouldn’t it be nice to find one place to read about who’s doing what and where their doing it.

Put simply, we are an online magazine dedicated to serving the design community, specifically those who blog or who are considering setting up a blog. It is our goal to educate and inspire individuals from all walks of design.

Each month we will interview/showcase professional and student talent/profiles, provide insight on new trends, communities, and much more.

Artist worth mentioned – Jerico Santander


Jerico Santander is an artist based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. His creative fields are Illustration, Art Direction and Digital Art. His work is extremely detailed and meaningful, but we will let you decide that by taking a look at some samples of his gorgeous work. Enjoy!

Artist worth mentioned – Anne Patzke


Anne Patzke is a 27 year old freelance illustrator based in Berlin. She has dedicated her life to children’s tales and has worked for quite a few companies “distributing ideas around the globe”. Her work if funny and detailed and it just makes u smile. Take a look.

Artist worth mentioned – Justin Maller


Justin Maller is a freelance illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been in the business for eight years. He has worked with various design studios around the world creating art for numerous events and magazines. Here is some of his work.

Artist worth of mentioned – Jacek Yerka


Jacek Yerka is a painter of fantasy worlds born in Poland in 1952. He studied fine art and graphics in the University but went to accomplish his own style after that.  Here is a showcase of his work: free cell phone tracker online

Build a retro TV poster in Illustrator and Photoshop – Tutorial


INDEZINER is pleased to release a nice tutorial RETRO TV POSTER which is created for intermediate level designers. Final result will be a cool illustration that combines funky retro style and brings you a nice feeling of seventies. We are forward to your opinion about it so please feel free to post your comments and […]