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Featured artist – Dobak Zsolt


Dobak Zsolt  is a young designer from Budapest, Hungary. He creates cool abstract work & photo manipulations and is addicted to colours and forms for all creative style. persuasive essay writer He is interested in : digit arts, movies and he likes to enjoy his free time with friends.

Artist worth mentioned – Kevin Roodhorst


Kevin Roodhorst is a 20-year-old graphic designer/digital artist from The Netherlands and is currently studying graphic design in Amsterdam. His specialty is making promotional material like flyers, posters and banners and he is very good at this. In his spare time he is making personal projects and searching for more inspiration.

When the Right Web Design Things Start to Click


If your online business’s business is slow but not steady, have you taken a hard look at your website’s design layout? Since you’re browsing a site devoted to the topic I’ll assume you have. But are you just musing, still weighing on whether you really think investing in good web design is worth it? I […]

Yellow themed websites inspiration


Yellow is sunshine. It is a warm color that, like red, has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand it denotes happiness and joy but on the other hand yellow is the color of cowardice and deceit. Maybe because of this yellow is not used so much in web design. Still we consider that yellow themed […]

Minimalist Websites Design Inspiration


Minimal design is more and more used all over the web. Why? Because sending a message sometimes does not need fancy packaging but instead a direct message to mind. Nowadays is pretty hard to do simple things rather then complicated stuff. Maybe because we receive easily huge amount of information and share the same a […]

Filter Forge – 70% discount for unlimited creativity


cell phone tracker online Filter Forge is not just a simple Photoshop plugin. It is a complex software piece that can work under other host applications like Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Photo-Paint, Ulead PhotoImpact and many more. It lets both novice and expert users create a wide variety of realistic and abstract textures and effects. […]

Give your website a vintage style design


When thinking about vintage design we realize that we find it everywhere. From travel sites, product presentation with sexy girls, car showrooms and all kind of collage to web galleries and personal portofolios seems everyone like this style.

Keep your website colorful, examples and trends


Colors are a way of life. Everywhere is color around us. Is normally to use colors in any variety of combinations to express life and all your feelings. In web design we may say that colors are everything. A website is eye catching if you know how to proper use colors. Not all combinations are […]

Amazing icon designers


Icons are the triggers to our brain when comes to design interfaces usability. A proper icon makes us to want to click it and access the information behind it. This is why we consider the process of creating icons a true art. This time we picked for you the best icon designers either individuals or […]

iPhone and Pad Inspirations

Jul is a showcase gallery featuring the best iphone and ipad app / web design