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100 most beautiful autumn wallpapers


Autumn has come so is time to watch the impressive transformation of nature and to be touched by the amazing colors that surround us. We selected a nice collection of beautiful wallpapers to decorate your daily desktop. Please check our selection and send us more beautifull autumn wallpapers. define expository essay

Great color schemes from cool websites design


cell phone snooping software Colors make our life more vibrant. We don’t have black&white vision so why not to use colors? There are some basic rules to combine colors in good ways so everyone that look at our designs not to search for close button as fast as possible. In this world of endless color […]

Keep your website colorful, examples and trends


Colors are a way of life. Everywhere is color around us. Is normally to use colors in any variety of combinations to express life and all your feelings. In web design we may say that colors are everything. A website is eye catching if you know how to proper use colors. Not all combinations are […]

Artist worth mentioned – Jerico Santander


Jerico Santander is an artist based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. His creative fields are Illustration, Art Direction and Digital Art. His work is extremely detailed and meaningful, but we will let you decide that by taking a look at some samples of his gorgeous work. Enjoy!

Spice up your design using pink


Our reaction to color is almost instantaneous and has a profound impact on the choices we make everyday. When comes about web design colors play a very important part. Colors determine user reactions and used in different combinations may attract a lot of users. There are many studies regarding colors in web design. One of […]

45 Examples of Using the Color Red in Web Design


Red is one of the most used colors out there. Among other things it symbolizes passion and courageĀ  and it has a strong visual impact. Numerous designers implement it in their work either in logos, backgrounds or other website elements. In today’s article we have selected 45 web designs using the color red in various […]

Playing School website


Playing School website

Artists worth mentioned – Cristina Venedict


Cristina Venedict discovered photography 4 years ago. She makes photography with her soul, and for each image created she puts in it photographs captured in different moments of her life and each of them meant a lot for her in that moment. She lives in Romania and has a degree in psychology. Here are a […]

Second Melody


Flash portfolio website for creative agency

Book review: The Principles of Beautiful Web Design


We recommend you this book to every beginner that wants to have a start point for web design. Reading it is very simple and you will have presented the fundamentals of designing. Basic concenpts are presented and exemplified by Jason Beaird, the author of this book. I think even a programmer is good to read […]