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Great color schemes from cool websites design


cell phone snooping software Colors make our life more vibrant. We don’t have black&white vision so why not to use colors? There are some basic rules to combine colors in good ways so everyone that look at our designs not to search for close button as fast as possible. In this world of endless color […]

Free vectors to create amazing backgrounds


When creating a website, background plays an important part. There are designs that use a simple monochromatic background because these are just informative and the best way to present easy readable information is to have backgrounds that do not attract people to look around. But, there are also other sites that need to transmit a […]

Drexel Heritage Furniture


Drexel Heritage needed an online overhaul. Their old site was not hitting their target market (Women who tend to like to mix & match and highly into customized design). We realized that the majority of Drexel Heritage’s market were into fashion and design blogs, and followed the latest topics on color trends, fabrics, design tips, etc. Our goal with the site was to try to make it feel boutique like, while still staying true to the elegant, classic connoisseurs of traditional furniture lovers. We kept the palette classic in the white sense, but took the liberty with colors and design treatments on the drop down navigation to highlight that perfect piece mentality that the designerly/mix & match crowd strives for.

Color and Css Tools for Web Designers


In this article we have selected of few useful tools for web designers hoping to come to your help. The selection includes color tools, css tools and editors. Feel free to add some more in our comment section and enjoy!