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10 jQuery Pagination Plugins you should try


jQuery pagination plugins provide an easy way to automatically seperate your information into generated hyper-linked pages, abit like a book with page numbers. The implementation can either be a). all data is loaded on 1 page and then the plugin evenly splits the data and creates the pages; or b). by passing the page number […]

Orbit: A Slick jQuery Image Slider


Most jQuery image sliders hover at around 8 kbs for minified versions, and around 15kbs or more for uncompressed development files. Orbit comes with only 2.8kbs which is very small.

Amazing websites made by russian designers


When comes about web design we can not say for sure that a country or other has the best designers. But, one thing we can say for sure is that russian web designers are not some amators. No…. in fact they are not at all. What they do is web design and they do it […]

Sudo Slider jQuery Plugin


Sudo Slider is a content and image slider, with support for captions, ajax, multiple sliders, bookmarks, automatic sliding, continuous sliding, fading. It can display with various presentation methods.

Ajax application – Deploy it safe and easy


AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML) is a relatively recent technology – more precisely, a collection of technologies such as CSS, JavaScript, and XML – yet it has already found its place in the web development environment. Because it is a combination of existing, well-known technologies, AJAX is easier to learn and it gives developers […]

Inspirational and creative Slideshows In Web Design


Slideshows are used almost in all sites nowadays. It is a nice way to display multiple information in the same place and make people pay attention to it. There are a lot of slideshows for free that are very easy to be customized even if for people that do not know so much about web […]

TOP 5 Jquery/Ajax Image Sliders and Galleries


Starting with today we will have a  Top 5  each week, featuring five of the most appreciated design goodies by our team. This week’s feature is represented by something that need’s not to be missing from any portfolio page: image galleries, and to be more specific jquery/ajax powered sliders and galleries. Take a look and […]

Free custom sliders designs


Sliders are very popular today. Many company or personal presentations use them to showcase most important sections or portfolio elements. This is why INDEZINER came up with a nice themed designed slider. It has 4 themes with different backgrounds and frames and also .psd files are included. The slider I have used in these example […]