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We have created the Q-Metal theme as an alternative to any classic wordpress theme from before.

Idea for design came from Smashing Book. Our design looks like an open book or blocknotes.

In left side you always have fresh content and on right side your activity is ordered depending what you mostly work on: categories, tags, social and everything else.

This kind of layout can be used by any designer that needs to showcase own work as an open book to be seen by other people.

We want to give to people the possibility to be able to simply enable this theme from wordpress theme editor and everything to work just fine. This is why we did not build a lot of features or personalized this theme too much in the idea to be simple to use. This is why it is very flexible with any standard plugins you may install in the future.

We enabled couple sidebar sections: pages, themes, archives, categories, blogroll and meta that can be easily managed from widgets section in wordpress admin. But, even so, this is not an ordinary theme. We created a really cool and easy to modify design that gets very flexible in the hands of a custom designer also. Main theme elements are: header, footer and double sidebar. All these can be changed or have design modified easily and you can personalize your theme as you want.

Header menu is updated automatically with pages you create from wordpress admin and so is the footer.

Please check some insights of this theme:

Theme first page preview


Fancy posts presentation


Cool 2 columns style for menu sections screenshot


7 Responses to “Q-Metal FREE WordPress theme”

  1. Albert says:

    Nice theme, thank you :)

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  5. dmw says:

    very cool theme, just installed and it is looking tops.

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