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We introduce you “Indeziner WordPress Framework”. The framework? is intended to serve as a support or guide for the building of wordpress themes. This is the version 1.0 of our framework. We tried to make it very simple with no extra useless stuff in it. Our intention was to give you a starting point for creating simple and practical websites in WordPress. Please comment about it and if you find any bugs please report them to us. Below you will find a short tutorial about how you can set this framework according to your need.

Home Page Sections

Framework home page is fully customizable. Starting from header main menu to the bottom widget areas you will find sections that can very easy be turned on or off.

All the custom settings for this framework can be found in WordPress Admin in “Appearance” -> “INDEZINER Framework Settings”

Theme Color

You can choose 2 diferent styles for this framework, black or white:


In header you will find the main title of theme and description. These can be edited from admin custom settings.

Motto text

Motto text can be? edited from admin custom settings;? also you can choose to switch it off.


Adding a new slideshow item requires you to create a new post and select from the “Post Custom Options” panel under the main editor the option “” – “yes”.

After that, you will must update a value to the new input field? that will appear: ““. The value represents the URL of the picture you will use in slideshow. To get the URL of the image you will have to upload it to Media.? Click? “Add an Image” above the main editor and a popup window will appear from where you can upload your photo.

From the popup window you will then select and copy the URL of your photo to “” input value from your post, just like in the pictures below:

The theme uses an automated image resize script (timthumb), so if you will not use the picture at indicated size (in this case slideshow photo is best viewed at 880 x 300 px) the picture will be resized automatically.

Homepage Center Widgets

Center widgets area can be switch on/off from admin panel. You can drag any widget to all 3 areas.

We have created a custom widget for this area called “INDEZINER Center Block Text”. From there you may add a custom title, custom text description, a thumb that is automatically resized, and a “red more” link.

Home Latest Posts and Sidebar

This is another option that you can disable or enable on home page.? Regarding the left side Latest posts you can select the number of posts you want to show by editing? “Number of posts on home page” from admin custom options.

For the home sidebar we have created a custom widget area where you can drag the widgets you want to show there

Footer Widgets

Just like the center widgets we have created custom widgets area in admin for all 3 footer areas.

Gallery Page Settings

Gallery with sidebar

Sidebar of gallery page is build using widgets. In admin -> Widgets you will find the specific widget area for this section.

Gallery without sidebar

Blog Page

To create a blog page you will must create a category first and then select it from “INDEZINER Framework Settings” – > Select Blog Category:

For blog page sidebar we have another custom widget area where you can drag your widgets.

Adding a new post

To create a new post, just click the button “Add new” from “Posts” admin panel. One of the most important things here is if you want to use a photo in the post REMEMBER to use it at 600px width. This is the size best viewed in this layout. We do not resize post images, so if you use bigger images, these will not be seen correctly.

After introducing images and text content, remember to select a category for this post.

Post Custom Options

At the bottom of the post editor you will find “Post Custom Options” , from there you can choose either to use this post in home page slideshow or in gallery page. If you don’t want to use this post in any of these pages just keep it in the category you chosed before (for example “Blog”).

If you choose to use the post in slideshow you will must provide the url of image in slideshow. Otherwise, if you choose to use it in gallery page, you will must provide 2 urls for 2 images, one for the thumb used in gallery page and one for the pop-up image used in Fancybox effect. In gallery page we use “Fancybox” to pop-up thumb images.

We have another option in “Post Custom Options” called “Archive thumb image”. This is the url of image you want to use to display near the text content on archives pages. For best view use the image at dimensions written there.

Remember that you can use all of these 3 “Post Custom Options” together; you can have a post that is in Blog but has a slideshow image and a gallery thumb.

Finally make the post public by clicking? “Publish” from right top side.

12 Responses to “INDEZINER WordPress Framework”

  1. aziq says:

    i wolud love to use this for my new theme.Thanks.

  2. Ahmad says:

    Love WordPress Frameworks

    This one is very nice

    Good work

  3. Sü Smith says:

    Oh this is a most lovely share. Thank you so much! :)

  4. Jonathan Mendes says:

    I must say I love the framework! Brilliant share!

    However, while testing on my WAMP server I initially had parse errors on the index.php and footer.php files. Upon digging a little deeper, I discovered that some of the lines used ‘short’ PHP open tags “<?" instead of "<?php". As the normal configuration of PHP is set to NOT allow short open tags I just edited them resulting in the theme working perfectly.

    As you can never be sure what the server's configuration is going to be (most shared hosting has this OFF), I would recommend that the short open PHP tag be changed in the future.

    Otherwise, brilliant framework!

    • Joko says:

      Indeed it is a beautiful framework.
      And thank you so much Jonathan Mendes. I’ve been doing research for 2 hours to fix the error before I visit this site and read your comment.
      Thank you, it works now.

  5. em says:

    My tags and archives don’t works. What could be a problem?

  6. joe says:

    my photos will not show up. What could be the problem?

  7. admin says:

    hi joe!

    have you inserted any pictures or you just installed the theme?

    Seems that theme is just installed and you will need to load your content from wordpress admin.

  8. lunaperlina says:

    This is so perfect, Im in love with all the stuff you can find here.

    Thank you so much.

  9. elgo says:

    Hello, I would like to use the plug PageNavi here but does not work!

  10. Vincent says:

    Is this a full working framework for WP 3.1?