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INADMIN is a new FREE administration panel created by INDEZINER. We help coders and other people that are doing coding and administration panels for web applications to have better productivity and concentrate on functionality. They can use our web admin solution to have a great css admin full of nice effects and customizations.

It has a lot of cool features like:

  • Digital and Analog watch;
  • Tableless;
  • Full css and xhtml design;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • jQuery sidebar accordion menu;
  • Nice forms design.

Copy of Untitled-1

Login page

As you can see there is a custom login page created for administration panel. There is also a remember me checkbox and a forgot password icon.


Drop down css menu with 3 sublevels

We have in mind functionallity so this is why we created 3 sublevels for menu. In this way you can organize your admin links the way you want and have better functionality.


jQuery ConfirmAction

Sometimes is better to confirm an action then trying to repair a wrong command. This is why we added fancy action confirmation to this admin panel.


Custom nice forms

Thanks to niceforms your fields look better.


Sidebar jQuery Accordion menu

Sidebar is created very nice using accordion. In this way you see only what you are working on and not all your admin links. this permits a lot of sections into your sidebar and improved functionality.


CSS Warning Box examples

Warning boxes are pretty important. If you get an error message you need to see it instantly. Also success must be pointed pretty intuitive. This is done by using basic color codes.


Analog Clock and Digital Clock

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  1. Albert says:

    Awesome admin skin. Thanks for sharing !

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  8. jaspreet singh khalsa says:

    Awesome admin skin. Thanks for sharing !.. . i really loved it.

  9. babaycuoi says:

    thanks for share!!! Thank :)

  10. droope says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU


  11. Nero says:

    Do you have de PSD?

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  14. Andy Neale says:

    Love the design… unfortunately the Download link doesn’t seem to be working, any chance this can be looked at as I’d love to have a play with this template…

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  16. Stefano says:

    am I allowed to use your template in a commercial product?
    If I modify it, should I release the modified code, or should I simply make it available to the customers requiring it?


  17. admin says:


    Template is released under GNU license as you may see after you download it.

    Anyway my answer is yes you are allowed it to use it in any way you want.

  18. Armando Borge says:

    Thanks…!!! It’s help me alot…!! I Love It…

  19. Thanks for the admin template. i could use the template for my academic project. Thanks again…

  20. Jaffar says:

    Very nice friend…

  21. Vinícius V. Marques says:


    It’s really awesome. You’re great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. webaryans says:

    It’s really very nice design. Great job. I like it.

  23. EThaiZone says:

    It’s very nice work! I love it!

  24. musafir says:

    what a professional-looking template… great!

    thanks for releasing it under GNU license :)

  25. JDog says:

    Some more cool admin templates in case you were looking

  26. Jerodev says:

    Thank you for this great template!

    I have a small request though. Is it possible to make the template wider? I already tried multiple times, but i seem to break the template every time.

  27. webber says:

    Wonderful work guys!
    Like you said – it helps me concentrate on functionality and the actual coding.
    Now, when I look at my work progress, it looks much better :)
    This is much appreciated.

  28. demo guest says:

    is the admnin panel is working perfectly which is shown in the preview.

    Waiting for positive reply

    Thanks in advance

  29. how to use this template?

  30. herman says:

    nice..thanks for share

  31. SIVARAM says:

    Awesome Admin Template. Thanks for Sharing. :)

  32. Fernando says:

    Thank´s for sharing

  33. Tapan says:

    hi there, nice template for admin. thanks for share…

  34. Khaled says:

    Really … Thank you very much for share ..

  35. web design says:

    This is great template.I will use your template thanks for share.

  36. vladimire says:

    Both the link for demo and download are dead..

  37. rmajeed says:

    Hi team,

    links are dead?? please check


  38. instinct says:

    tanks so much for this contribution. i appreciate its beauty and ease of use

  39. gl says:

    Can anybody help me to locate the download link for this Admin tool?

  40. Kartik Mavani says:

    Thanks a lot for the theme. Really appreciate it :)

  41. Tobi says:

    Awesome work!

  42. aldezar says:

    nice..thanks for share

  43. Nero says:

    Do you have a link to the PSD file?

  44. neeraj singh says:


    Very Very Thanks to Share with us. You are Rock!!!!!
    I was searching for free admin panel and I found Here.
    Thanks Again
    Good Work.

  45. Cyril says:

    Thanks for this nice template, it works perfectly on firefox but I got some bugs on IE (pagination on products categories settings are over “delete items” and “View all items for category” buttons, also in the nice form example the select item used for select categories is broken on 2 lines).

    Do you have those bugs on yours test platforms ? Do you have patches for this ?

    Thanks for the job

    • Cyril says:

      For the pagination bug I had   before the and it works fine.

      Found another one (always on IE) on the login page the “enter” button is out of the white area…

  46. Suresh says:

    Nice admin panel.

  47. Alex says:

    Great! Thanks a lot!

  48. Aswadia says:

    Thanks for such a nice,cute admin panel :)

  49. kjC says:

    cool admin page

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  53. Remo Harsono says:

    Very nice admin panel. I like the layout, background, and analog clock. Thanks

  54. MKT says:

    Very nice panel. Thx.

  55. SpeciMen.Tk says:

    the form must have a date picker…

  56. Lionel says:

    Great template!
    Forms are broken in firefox on linux though. But I am still going to use the rest!

  57. angel says:

    it’s compatible whit IE7? Have some patch to fix compatibility whit IE7?

  58. aryan says:

    Thank you for sharing such a good look and feel admin web page.

  59. Nick says:

    very nice template… i’ll surely use it for a few project… Only bug is with input submit in chrome… there is a little glitch of white both side of button…

    If you happen to fix this, everything else is awesome…

  60. Eoin H says:

    This is possibly the best free admin design around, and dare I say, it better than many of the paid admin designs around. I am using this for 2 sections of a directory script, the main admin and the users dashboard and its looking great so far.. cant wait to get the finished project online. Thanks Indeziner, superb freebie indeed!

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