A short guide to create your perfect business card

We use business cards all the time. Either they are in physical form or electronic, we need them to present our image or business to the people.It is vital nowadays to have a business card when we meet clients and even during our holidays in case we find a good opportunity to promote our work.

Sometimes is pretty hard to decide which type of business card is suitable for us or what information must be placed on it. This is why we decided to help you by giving you some guides to find your way easier when comes to having a fresh new business card.

What are the most important parts of a business card?

Most important element is the name. It may be a person name or company name. The decision of having your name or company name placed on your business cards depends on the person that will receive it and the goal you want to achieve. If you want your company to be reached based on company services and your person is not of maximum importance for the client as long as he reaches your company then you may use this name as first option. If you work in a department or as a freelancer for example then your name should be placed as most important because you will get in direct contact with your clients.

But, other then name there are also other important elements:

  • Your logo or where you do not have a logo your business name is also important to be placed. An organization with a highly recognizable logo might de-emphasize the business name (size and/or placement) but it is usually an essential piece of information.
  • Address – may be a physical address or an email address depending your business profile. In case you are doing only online businesses for example then most important would be your email address. It is also good to use both but is advisable to be labeled each one.
  • Phone number – this is pretty important especially to get in direct contact with clients interested. Don’t forget the area and/or country codes and extension, if required.
  • Web page address – nowadays most of the businesses have a web address. Even if you have a business that has no connection and relation to this world you may consider it as a bigger business card that may be reachable by potential clients and would be a very bad thing not to use it.
  • Job title of individual – this is not mandatory but sometimes is useful to use it so the people that received your business card to know from start your position inside your company.
  • Description of business -this can be very usefull when your business name has an abstract one and people can not understand what is the scope of your business
  • List of services – this list must have not more then 3 very important service, else people will get bored.

What are the main types of business cards?

There are many types of business cards that you can pick from. We will make a short review of each one:

  • Full Color – these are mostly used because the possibility to have your logo and images placed with your brand color and also to give a nice look to it. When comes about this type you have endless possibilities and can create nice color harmony by matching color palettes depending your visual guide.
  • Raised print – these business cards have their text siply raised so when people touch them will feel the text in relief so it will be outstanding and give importance. This technique makes your card more professional and people that will receive such one will feel the difference.
  • Plastic business cards -  are an extremely durable and high-quality cards then usual cards. Plastic is perfect because it retains the lightweight and flexible properties of standard card stock business cards, but provides a unique and professional look and feel.

  • Metal bussiness cards – these types give you a distinctive look over the other business cards a person may have received. Most of the time metal business cards are printed on either gold-colored brass or silver aluminum metal. Even if you have certain limitations still you can pick colors like black, blue, or red ink, which will be printed on your business card utilizing 600 dpi settings for enhanced text crispness.

  • Magnetic  – It is recommanded for you to select a full magnetic backing for your cards rather then simply putting some magnets on the edges so that your card will stick to any metal surface
  • Sticker business cards -  can creatively solve common business problems in a cost-effective manner. In addition to offering the benefits of a full color standard business card, sticker cards provide further value with their adhesive backing.
  • Capture Cards  -  are unique in the industry and allow business people to solve everyday problems in a creative and cost-effective manner. Both cards look like standard, full color business cards on the front, but offer removable adhesive labels on the back which clients can peel off and stick.
editing and proofreading services

There are many online services that can create you unique designs for your business card. A very good place which is on our list of  favorite online printers is businesscards.org which is offering more extended services like: Self Inking Stamps, Post Cards, Post-it Notes, Laser Safe Letterhead and more important, Custom Business Cards.


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  1. They key is to make your business card memorable or even better, useful.

    Something that even if the person that has it doesn’t need your contact info, they need your card. Could be something easy like a calendar, ruler, notepad, etc…