Creative Modern Fireplaces


Building your house is a challenge. There are a lot of elements to be considered when comes about designing a nice home where to live in harmony and share open spaces that make you feel comfortable. You need to chose what you like and the placement of interior objects. Sometimes depending on the location you will want to add some warm to your living space.

How can you do that? Simple. You place a fireplace that will totally change the experience of living in your space. Either there is a house in mountains or a daily living one a fireplace will bring people together and will make you feel very well seeing the fire and the warm that comes around with it. For the ones that are not decided what is the best option for a fireplace we have made a selection of nice examples that can really help you. Please check it.

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Most Popular Bridges in the World


If you ask a network expert what is a bridge you will get this answer in about 99% of cases: “A bridge is a device that separates two or more network segments within one logical network”. If you ask a british you may get this answer: “A card game descended from whist, played by two […]

Fabio Sasso


adobe creative suite 6 design & web premium Fabio Sasso is a graphic and web designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. He worked in Creating and Developing websites since 1999. His originality and imagination was translated into very creative illustrations and artwork that made him one of the most appreciated artists nowadays.

Freepik – The leading search engine of free vectors and psd


creative suite 6 cheap is a search engine developed with the aim of becoming a basic tool for web designers. It works in analogous way to any other search engine: you insert the key words related to the resources you are looking for and it scans the web in search of the most adequate results. […]

Depositphotos – a great place to find free stock photos and vector images


essay editing service free Either you are a professional web designer or you are just in need of some nice images to improve your project visual appearance you will know that images that you are about to use are very important. There is a saying that an image sometimes is more then a thousand words […]

Coolest Desks Around The World


do my paper for me The way we organise our working space is a mirror of our personality. We try day by day to bring new, familiar things to our desk and to create an enviroment that will help us feel comfortable and help us concentrate on our work and have our mind free to find […]

Manage user internet access easily and completely


User access management is one of the most important activities of companies nowadays. Why is so important to be able to control every activity on your network and to be able to manage different user access levels? Imagine a case when your client database is accessed by unauthorized persons and your entire credibility in front […]

Ricardo Ajcivinac


Ricardo Ajcivinac, also known as NEARsyx, is a Guatemalan graffiti writer and art director.  In 2010 he was on the cover for the Januray edition of Digital Arts. In 2011 he was selected as the 3rd. place for the latin american solo category, in the All Ironlak Graffiti Competition 2010. His work has been featured in […]

How to measure real colour levels and their importance


With the increasing diversity of products, product recognition is becoming more important. Along with product design, color is one of the major factors in creating a product image. It has a great effect on market appeal and sales. The average consumer will not accept the color ranges that were the industry standard ten years ago. […]

Best Luxury Cars Concept


Luxury cars always make you turn your neck when you see them passing by. We admire their power that is deducted from their forms and the perfect lines that seem to be aligned so perfect to create complex and in the same time simple shapes. Concept cars like the ones we present here make the […]