Creative Modern Fireplaces

Building your house is a challenge. There are a lot of elements to be considered when comes about designing a nice home where to live in harmony and share open spaces that make you feel comfortable. You need to chose what you like and the placement of interior objects. Sometimes depending on the location you will want to add some warm to your living space.

How can you do that? Simple. You place a fireplace that will totally change the experience of living in your space. Either there is a house in mountains or a daily living one a fireplace will bring people together and will make you feel very well seeing the fire and the warm that comes around with it. For the ones that are not decided what is the best option for a fireplace we have made a selection of nice examples that can really help you. Please check it.

 Big Flame




Vellum Cocoon Fires

Cocoon Terra

Cocoon Aeris

Fireplace Mono Block

Wood Burning

Fireplace Home

Air Heater

Ground Floor

Coffee Fire Long

L- Shape


Fire Coffee

Hot Chocolate

Eco Luxury

Eco Luxury II

Eco Luxury III


EcoSmart II


Wall Flame

Wall Flame II

Uni Flame

Cupola Black

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