Coolest Desks Around The World

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The way we organise our working space is a mirror of our personality. We try day by day to bring new, familiar things to our desk and to create an enviroment that will help us feel comfortable and help us concentrate on our work and have our mind free to find the best idea. Sometimes we are amazed seeing different working spaces and our desire is to have certain elements that will define ourselves. Other then our desk there is the office or the room.

Some people need wider,  illuminated places, some need white all around or on contrary a lot of vivid colours that will stimulate their imagination and increase their productivity. No matter how we decide to decorate these places there will not be another one similar to our especially because what makes such a desk cool are the personal details like a cup of coffee with our friends picture on it or a simple sticker with a heart drawing on it. In case you lack inspiration when creating this space or you want to see how other designers in the world have it set we invite you to check out some of the coolest desks around the world.

Diego Miguel, Designer / Brooklyn NY

Buatoom, UI & Character Designer/ Bangkok

Andrey Vorobyev, Art Director / Saint Petesburg

Ji Wook Song, Creator/ Seoul

Black Patterson, Software Deverloper/ Alexandria,VA

 Yongkee Hong, Graphic Designer/ Seoul

Brad Gilette, Architectural Photographer/ Chicago, IL

Eugen H, Designer/ Seoul

Zeh Fernando, Senior Developer/ New York

Nanda, Cartoonist Illustrator/ Seoul

Eric Decker, Associate Technical Director/ New York

Alex Noble, Artist/ Tokyo

Vinicius Olimpio, Art Director/ London

Renata Matos, Graphic Designer/ Sao Paulo

Hakrae Cho, General Director/ Seoul

Laura Thorne, Producer Photographer/ Bristol

Ki- Sang Kim, Interactive Designer/ Seoul

MC Casal, Digital Art Director/ Geneva

B. Ome, Web Designer/ Seoul

Luis Nora, Art Director/ Lisbon


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