Webydo’s Pro Designers Movement is Revolutionizing The Web Design

webManual coding is often the nemesis for a web designer. With 70% of the cost in a typical project going into coding the guys who convert design into HTML and CSS tend to dominate the industry. As a designer you might have often had to compromise on your creativity at the coder’s call. To break free you might have tried using site builders but with limited success as they promise you the moon and merely support sites that seems to be generations behind. With only 3% of websites being built using these site builders and stats do speak for themselves about their scalability.

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Things seem to be looking bright in the horizon and Webydo promises a lot to you as a designer. It solves one of the age old problems of web development for the designers – ‘coding’. You will be able to create a site from scratch without having to write a single line of code. It has been carefully developed by a team of professional designers for the designers taking into account all the problems that the designers face.


It offers great options for creativity and scalability and allows you to create all kinds of websites including ecommerce websites. You will truly be able to translate your vision into reality using Webydo. Let us take a look into some of the major features of Webydo to being to create a website.

  • Design – For any designer this is the most important feature and here you will enjoy working with Webydo as it is user-friendly and scalable. Start with a blank slate or choose from some pre-structured templates and customize them based on your need. The dashboard resembles Photoshop and also has a drag-and-drop editor that helps insert images, graphics, buttons, shapes etc. into the site. The grid structure allows you to place all elements in the right place while the Site Size Menu helps you size all these things perfectly to achieve pixel perfect accuracy.
  • Web Conversion – Once you are done with the design Webydo’s patent pending technology will automatically convert it into W3C friendly codes plus a Content Management System. No matter how complex your design is Webydo will never fail in the conversion process. The robust conversion ensures that the websites are cross browser compatible and responsive thus they can be accessed on any kind of device including smartphones and tablets.
  • Management – Managing the site using Webydo is easy as the WISIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) allows you to manage content easily on the site. Your clients will simply love the ease of use as there isn’t anything technical about it. Also you can keep away the design elements from your clients’ access using the Site Permission feature thus preventing them from accidentally spoiling the look and feel of the site. This is the only professional website builder to offer such a feature.
  • SEO and Analytics – Search Engine Optimization is vital to a site’s success and here you will have the opportunity of optimizing the site for Goole, Yahoo and Bing using the in-built SEO options. Also you will be able to monitor the performance of the site using Google Analytics and Webmaster features.
  • Ecommerce – It is a highly scalable solution and can also be used to build robust online stores. Webydo has integrated Ecwid E-Commerce widget and this allows you to develop an online store in quick time. It has a user-friendly payment gateway that offers multiple payment options.
  • Community Solution – It is a community solution where a large number of designers are involved. They share their ideas and are looking to better this application. If you have any suggestion you can easily communicate with the team and they will analyze your suggestion and implement it if it adds value of Webydo.
  • Publishing – Publishing a site has been made easy in Webydo and you won’t have to set up a site and spend time managing FTP and cPanel. The inbuilt program allows you to publish the site on Webydo’s sub-domain or your custom domain with the click of a button. The site is hosted on a cloud server that is supported by a network of servers that ensure high uptime and performance. The site is protected by enterprise level security to prevent any virus attack and backed up regularly to prevent loss of data.

Webydo was created by designers, for designers, and has created the first Pro Designers movement that has given the power of web design back to the professional designer. The designers are deciding on the future of Webydo by voting on and submitting their suggestions for new features to be added on the Participate Forum.


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