Unique Garage Designs from Texas


Many people think of the inside of houses when they think of interior design, but for some people, the garage is just as important as anything else.  People have already found the wonders of rebuilding basements and now it’s time for garages to have the same treatment.  There are plenty of households that have created great garages to match the amazing interiors of their houses.

A pair of eccentric homeowners in Texas completely redid their garage to give it just the perfect feel they were looking for.  After they moved everything out and placed it in an Uncle Bob’s storage unit in Ft. Worth, TX, they began carefully crafting the interior of the garage, giving it a nice vintage feel.  They started with a black and white checkerboard pattern to place on the floor, particularly around the work station in the corner.  After that was finished, they built up the rest of it with old, vintage kitchen cabinets painted an extremely vibrant red color.  The entire garage has a nice diner feel to it and not only does it mix well with the rest of the house, but it shows a great deal of personality while doing so.


In another part of Texas, a homeowner decided that they didn’t really want their garage for storage so much.  Rather, they wanted to use the space as a storeroom with the main focus being their gorgeous bright blue motorcycle.  With this in mind, they began the renovations.  The floor is tiled with large beige and dark blue tiles that span the entirety of the garage, while the walls are the same color as the beige parts of the floor.  Vibrant blue cabinets curl around the walls and the corners with the tabletops also being made to match the walls.  With most of the roof and the top parts of the wall having been painted blue to match the color scheme, blue accent lights were installed above the workbench area right where the motorcycle sits.  Everything is about the bike and the lights do a wonderful job of showing it off.  This is another case of a garage with tons of personality.

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One other homeowner decided they’d like to have a more modern feel in their garage to fit in nicely with the modern attitude of the rest of the house.  Everything inside the space is painted various hues of white with black being the offsetting accent.  The cabinets that they installed in the garage were chosen specifically because they had clean lines, which perpetuate that contemporary vibe while also making it look extremely organized.  Two mats lay in the garage for the cars to park on while a rounded clock sits at on the wall.  Like the blue garage from above, this modern style space also has custom lighting through the entirety of it with bulbs filtering a soft white down from the ceiling while some of the light comes from bulbs hidden within the corners of the walls.  This is a great example of having the design of a garage going horribly right.


These are only small examples of the wonderful things that can be done in a garage with a little ambition and creativity. A beautiful designed garage can really do wonders to give a house well-rounded complete look to it.

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