Manage user internet access easily and completely

User access management is one of the most important activities of companies nowadays. Why is so important to be able to control every activity on your network and to be able to manage different user access levels? Imagine a case when your client database is accessed by unauthorized persons and your entire credibility in front of your clients is compromised. For example Forrester Research found out that one in every 10 Web sites is infected with malware. Also there is not only the security that is involved. Maintaining different layers for your activities you can increase productivity and be a step forward in finding any possible problem.

Most important actions to be considered by such a software product are:

1. Capture

  • Web, e-mail, IM, attachments & more;
  • PCs, Terminal Server / Citrix, mobile devices;
  • Usage on and off your network;
  • Data leakage.

2. View

  • Usage trends;
  • Content of communications;
  • Auto-distributed reports;
  • Real-time user level detail.


  • Access of abusers;
  • Where users go;
  • Time allowances;
  • WiFi guest access.

In case you search for a web content filter or a complete solution for your company we recommend you Pearl Echo.Suite.

Pearl Echo® is an enterprise-class employee Internet monitoring, filtering and control software program designed to monitor and control the Internet activity of multiple PCs, mobile devices and thin clients from a central location. Pearl Echo.Suite actively captures employee web browsing, file transfers, news, chat, IM, and e-mail, including all encoded attachments. Pearl Echo.Suite ideally accommodates the Internet monitoring needs of any Internet setup including those with multiple locations and roaming or mobile Internet users.

Main Pearl Software Products are:

  • Website.Echo
  • IM.Echo
  • Wifi.Hotspot.Filter
  • Take.Me.Home

Wifi.Hotspot.Filter is a Web filtering solution that is hosted by Pearl Software. The Wifi.Hotspot.Filter Service provides organizations with employee Web filtering policy that is easily applied to network guests without the need for additional hardware or software. A great solution for hot-spot control.

The Pearl Software Wifi.Hotspot.Filter™ DNS Service provides you with the power of Pearl Software’s Echo.Filters™ URL filtering module. The following lists some of the Wifi.Hotspot.Filter™ DNS Service benefits:

  • Nothing to Install
  • Nothing to Maintain
  • Configured in Minutes
  • Inexpensive
  • Multiple levels of Blocking Policy
  • Platform Independent; Works with All BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Secure

Employee Internet misuse and abuse is on the rise leading to computer-related firings and a growing climate of corporate misunderstanding and mistrust. Major concerns for managers are legal liability, security and reduced worker productivity. The latest business trends show a rise in the number of wrongful termination suits based upon an employer's inability to support accusations of Internet abuse or not having a clear Internet Acceptable Use Policy in place.
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Even if most of the executives think that hope that these things will never happen in their companies the best one take the action and should be prepared to prevent the damage before it affects their business.


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