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Every web designer when creating a new theme or design needs demo text and images. Some people are using their own photos or captures of older artwork they have done. Depending regions where need the images to be placed into a website design you need different sizes for them.

You have a bigger version of an image and you will need to create a thumbnail, a details version and a portfolio version. You need to create manually different types of images or to use a custom script to do that. Whatever process you may use sometimes you are bored to do that again and again because rarely you have a folder of images in different resolutions that will match perfect to the ones you need for your new design.

As the creators of? LoremPixum say, they provide this tiny service as a gift to other web developers and designers to speed up their workflow while developing websites.

You have couple categories to chose from like: abstract, animals, city, food, nightlife, fashion, people, nature, sports, technics, transport.

Also you can set up custom width and height and will have your image generated at those sizes. Furthermore you can also embed random images generated by this service by using a certain url where you will set width and height. For example if you want to have a random generated image from sports category you can simply use an url like that: http://lorempixum.com/400/200/sports. As you may see there will be served an image with a width of 400px and a height of 200px.

The provided images are for layout purposes and each image we use for this project is released under the creative commons license (CC BY-SA). For more information visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/

So, if you want to use the images for more than just layouts, you have to double check the license and ask the author. For this they will link to each photographer’s flickr page. Furthermore, they assume no liability.

If you know places where people can easily download free stock images please share them with us.


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