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EasyTemplates is an Australian based Flash Template business, which has been around for more than 10 years. Easytemplates.com was the first website selling Flash templates to businesses, web designers, photographers and others.

EasyTemplates.com provides a huge range of website templates but its specialty/focus is on easy-to-edit Flash templates. EasyTemplates covers all templates commonly used on the market.

You can find:

Flash Templates

You can find any kind of theme you want. You may choose from hundreds of complete Flash website templates. Get an Easy (Dynamic) Flash Template and simply use Notepad, or any other text or HTML editor, to edit your text, buttons, email form, images and background music. With all the content stored in an external text file, absolutely no Flash experience or Flash program is needed to modify your Easy Flash Template.

Main difference from other sites is that anyone can:

  • Make changes easily without using Adobe Flash.
  • Insert own text and upload photos.
  • Get website up and running in about 4 hours.
  • Have a? functional contact form.
  • Modify Templates? in any possible way as they come with all source files, FLA and PSD files.

Photography Templates

Flash Photo Gallery Templates with Admin tool are ideal for artists, photographers, web designers, manufacturers any anyone wanting a professional Flash photo gallery for their photo’s. You can easily add/remove pictures by using Photo Admin tool.

Easy-to-edit Web Templates

Sometimes a presentation site does not require advanced programming. All you need to do is to send a message to people that need to find you or information about your business. With such templates you have a very fast loading and can edit your information right away by using any simple editor any computer has.

HTML / CSS Templates

Advantage of such templates is that they respect all needed coding rules for web engines and all html standards in need to render your site in the best possible way. Advantages for using such kind of templates is that your simple site will be:

  • Professionally designed.
  • Well organized.
  • Editable by any HTML editor
  • Using CSS
  • Including all pictures and graphic elements

Joomla CMS Templates

Joomla is a powerfull highly used open source CMS platform. You can find nice templates for it and have a strong? tool to administrate complex sites.

Business Templates

EasyTemplates cover all businesses with a range of categories that will surely match your own business. You just need to browse business templates and choose the right one for your business.

Video Web Templates

You can stream your media very easy with such kind of templates and also use their administration tool to have your site up in minutes.

Got Videos and want a stunning Flash Template with a video Gallery then check out? Video Gallery Flash templates. There is also offered a free webhost if needed.

Flash Music Templates

If you are a music fan or you are playing guitar or any other musical instrument and want to share it with everybody now is simple to create your own music dedicated site by using a nice designed music flash template from EasyTemplates.

Other templates you can choose from are OS Commerce templates, PowerPoint Templates, Wedding Templates, JS Animated Templates.

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