Direct Buy: Scam or Not?


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It happens sometimes to have a period of renovation of your house and to be in search of better products? What happens when you realize that you can’t afford to have a better wash machine or a high class furniture that you dreamed about? You think how great would be to know someone “inside” of the retail business – to guide you and offer best possible confidential dealer prices.

So you search more and more and try to get all possible discounts when you realized that maybe other people pay less and have better quality then you see on a normal market. Here it is where such business comes in front and may be the problem for your day by day struggling: DirectBuy.

What is DirectBuy exactly?

DirectBuy is your chance to pay only confidential dealer prices on over 700 trusted top brand names for just about everything you need in your home – from floor to ceiling, living room to bedroom, kitchen cabinets to counter tops, outdoors or in.

DirectBuy is a club of more then 400,000 members with the collective “clout” to buy directly from manufacturers and their authorized suppliers. But because DirectBuy is a club, and so sustained by membership dues, it does NOT add on ANY retail markup. So, as a member of DirectBuy, you pay confidential dealer prices, with all the full warranties and guarantees in force.

DirectBuy gives you the ability to buy manufacturer?s products at cost.? In effect, you cut out the middleman (store) and buy straight from the manufacturer.? The result is a huge net savings for the buyer. Many people think that this is not possible so this is why they suspect it like Direct buy scam.

DirectBuy is not allowed by the brands to reveal their prices, people think that?s a scam, but it?s not their fault, the brands will not allow it.

How is the process of ordering products from DirectBuy ?

A good point is that there’s no sales pressure, like you might find in a store. You also have more to choose from than even in the largest retail stores. And it’s wonderful one-stop shopping – you don’t waste time driving all over town comparing prices and products.

Still, there are also minuses. It may also depend on your personality and on dynamic of your family. The idea is that if you have time to spend searching all kind of stores and comparing prices you will get tired comparing them to the ones from DirectBuy. This is why you need to think if you like doing that or not, if you are such a person from many that want to get the best decision and have time for it.

DirectBuy is perfect if you are willing to spend the time researching it and going back and forth with the prices and database and are going to buy high end merchandise that has a huge markup (ie when you?re buying top brand names with products in the thousands).

Is it worth to be a member?

The only way a Direct Buy membership is worth it is if you plan on buying a lot of high end furniture, furnishing, and construction materials and items.? You must realize that if you want to build your house, upgrade existing one or get a house decorated with all of possible things in a long term this means you have to make acquisitions on a regularly basis. In such a case being a DirectBuy member is worth it. You can buy stuff that would normally be sold for $6,000 and has a $3,000 markup.

But, if? you?re buying lower price products and you do this only when you see them in markets and you like them and want that specific product then a Direct Buy membership is not recommended.

DirectBuy members get more for their construction budgets, often enabling them to afford professional-grade kitchen appliances, custom cabinets, granite countertops, premium flooring, and more.
When it comes time to sell, having made your purchases through DirectBuy can lead to higher resale values. Buyers, realtors and appraisers take notice of the hallmarks that distinguish the finest updated homes, such as professional kitchen appliances, granite countertops, custom cabinets and premium flooring.

Is the membership fee worth the money?

There are also Direct buy complaints that say that some products were found cheaper in retail shops then in their catalogs. This may happen but such cases are isolated and depend on the policy of that shop at some time when a price drop is needed.

While DirectBuy can’t monitor the price of the more than one million products available to members at every retailer, the company regularly conducts retail price comparisons to make sure members get the savings they expect.

Direct buy reviews are not always favorable because of course there are people that after paying couple thousands membership fee realize maybe that they were attracted in this Eldorado of good deals but it takes time to win back the money.? The best advice would be for anyone that wants to join it to plan future budgets and shopping lists and see what things needs to buy and will be bought and make a simple estimation. If the amount is pretty high like from 20.000$ or more then depending the goods needed buying a membership may be the best possible decision.

Final conclusion

Many people would love to get in line for a membership on DirectBuy. This may be a simple process but pretty expensive. This sort of business is focused on middle age people that have a certain financial situation and willing to build their house and family using the best on the market and with a good strategy of acquisitions in time. They want to become members because they are able to think further and more in the future then on a day by day basis.

Also planning on a long term period will certainly bring them benefits and in the end financial plans will prove it was worth it. I may say that you will be happy in this group as long as you respect your strategy and find the best alternatives to the daily offers.


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