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Most of the people connected with technology have used a TV, have a connection to Internet or speak at the phone. But sometimes all these services are far away from our expectations. It happens to receive poor bandwidth, loose connection or the quality of signal from our TV or the streaming is so bad that we have to think every time that if there is other provider that can create a package that would work very well for us. If you want to have a greater user experience we recommend you the services from Comcast.

What is XFINITY®?

XFINITY® is the new brand for Comcast’s technology platform, products and services. Main fact about it is that offers even more HD channels, more Video On Demand choices, faster Internet speeds and more video online, plus new cross-platform and mobile features.

XFINITY®reinvents entertainment so you can enjoy it your way. With TV, Internet and Voice services that work together, you can access and enjoy everything you love anytime, anywhere and any way you want:

  • 50 Mbps downloads today increasing to 100+ Mbps and even faster in the future.
  • 100+ HD Channels, 8,000+ HD choices, and the best HD picture quality available.
  • 50 to 70 multi-cultural channels.
  • With XFINITY® On Demand, get many movies available same day as DVD and 28 days before Netflix® and Redbox®
  • With AnyRoom® On Demand you can start watching and recording in one room and finish in another.
  • Over 60,000 On Demand TV shows and movies on TV and online.
  • Choose who you want to talk to and avoid interrupting your entertainment, with Caller ID on your TV.

What is the main difference between XFINITY and Satellite?

  • Over 8,000 HD On Demand TV shows and movies on TV and online
  • TV, Internet, and Voice on one, easy bill
  • Pause, Rewind & fast-forward HD On Demand, without a DVR
  • No Additional HD programming fees

What are the main XFINITY services?

Main Concast XFINITY services are:



Unlike Satellite, XFINITY® TV gives you instant access to thousands of On Demand hit movies and Prime Time TV shows. Watch over 3,000 HD choices and over 100 HD channels like Comedy Central, Animal Planet, ESPN2 and the Discovery Channel.

XFINITY® Internet

XFINITY® Internet blows the doors off DSL. Upload photos in a snap, download HD movies in minutes and play games without a break in the action.

Additional services include:

  • Get the best in online protection with the top-rated Norton Security Suite, Secure Backup & Share ($160 value at no additional cost).
  • Watch over 3,500 live games on and get discounts on services like KidZui, an internet browser for kids with over 2 million games, videos and sites!



XFINITY® VOICE is rated #1 in clarity and costs less than service from the phone companies. XFINITY® TRIPLE PLAY customers enjoy advanced voice features like Universal Caller ID that shows you who is calling right on your TV, PC home phone and smartphone allowing you to decide to take the call or send it to voicemail.


With the XFINITY TV app, you can watch your favorite On Demand shows and movies right on your iPad®. Plus, use your iPad, iPhone®, iPod touch® and Android™ as your remote control, to search On Demand and TV listings and to schedule your DVR when you’re away from home.

Download it Free

The XFINITY TV app is available for download from the App Store for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch or from the Android Market for your Android device.

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