Plugins needed to pimp up your WordPress community website

WordPress is the most used free platform for creating blogs and other kind of sites. It works great for individual blogs but what about community sites?

We picked up from web a list of plugins that transform wordpress into a community site and gives you the option to have powerfull members management and profiles.

Alkivia Open Community

“A plugin to build user communities all around WordPress, mainly it’s around having a well integrated profiles system. This plugin will provide all needed functions and widgets to make it easy and flexible the ways to show all information about a user. Also, there is some user privacy settings to permit which information to show in the profile page.

With this plugin, you can manage you user profiles and have a user list. For each user, a profile page is provided. The information shown in the profile page is based on your privacy settings. Also, you can select the user list order, ascending or descending, and ordering by different fields: ID, login name, display name or date registered.” … more

Theme My Login

“This plugin themes the WordPress login, registration and forgot password pages according to your current theme. It replaces the wp-login.php file by using a page template from your theme. Also includes a widget for sidebar login.

Your registration, log in, and password recovery pages will all match the rest of your website. Includes a customizable widget to login anywhere from your blog,  redirect users upon log in and log out based upon their role, show gravatar to users who are logged in”… more


“wp-Member is a plugin for wordpress which adds advanced membership, registration, content protection, payment processing and automated user management functions to your existing wordpress blog. Although wp-Member includes advanced features, you do not need to have any previous experience to be able to use all of the features within wp-Member. Once wp-Member is running on your wordpress site, you will be able to charge users to access select areas of your website, accepting payments via Paypal, and Google Checkout. Each payment option can be activated or deactivated to meet your requirements and payment preferences. Using wp-Member, you can quickly and easily create membership sites using wordpress.” … more

Your Members

“Your Members a WordPress Plugin designed to turn a WordPress Blog into a full functional membership site allowing you to have paying members take out subscriptions and or individual members buying access to specific posts.

Unlimited Membership Roles, defines as many types and levels as membership as you want, to allow users to access the content you want them to, including hidden groups that are not visible at payment time.

Multiple Payment and Subscription schemes, your Members supports a wide range of payment and subscription schemes”. … more


Main features:

“Digital Content Theft Protection and Tracing  – TraceFusion. Find out exactly who steals, ilslegally shares and distributes your premium materials on internet. Detect, Trace, Terminate and Prosecute members who are involved in illegal sharing of your premium digital content. TraceFusion is like CCTV security camera with night vision and recording – but implemented as a software to protect your digital property against crooks, giving you the power to protect your online business like never before.

Digital Content Download Protection. Protects your files against unauthorized downloads due to link sharing and link “guessing”. No more problems with link sharing!” … more

Wp Member Site

“WP Member SIte is a WordPress plugin that enables you to turn your WordPress Blog into a fully-fledged Membership Site.

With this plugin you will be able to protect content on your WordPress Blog and charge your members a one-time or recurring monthly fee”… more


“WP-Members is a plugin to restrict WP content to be viewable by registered site members. It also puts the registration process inline with your content rather than use the native WP registration process. It is designed to work “out-of-the-box” with no modifications to your theme, but also to be scalable for those that want to customize the look and feel, or want to restrict only some content.

By default, WordPress allows all content to be “open” and viewable by anyone and allows the site owner to restrict specific content if desired by setting a password for the post. WP-Members operates with the reverse assumption. It restricts all content by default and allows the site owner to “unblock” content as desired. New in version 2.2 is the ability to change the default settings of WP-Members. For those that simply want utilize the member management features and possibly restrict some content, the default setting can easily be toggled to accomodate this.”…more

Members Only

Members Only is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make your blog only viewable to visitors that are logged in. If a visitor is not logged in, they will be redirected either to the WordPress login page or a page of your choice. Once logged in they can be redirected back to the page that they originally requested. You can also protect your feeds whilst allowing registered user access to them by using Feed Keys.”…more


“Profiler is a plugin for generating and displaying profiles for the registered users on a WordPress site. It is intended to be a “set it and forget it” plugin. You do not have to have any programming knowledge to use this plugin.

Features: Profiles for each registered user, a members directory, gravatars for every profile, a sidebar widget that displays the total number of users, posts, pages, and comments”… more

User Photo

“Allows a user to associate a profile photo with their account through their “Your Profile” page. Admins may add a user profile photo by accessing the “Edit User” page. Uploaded images are resized to fit the dimensions specified on the options page; a thumbnail image correspondingly is also generated. User photos may be displayed within a post or a comment to help identify the author.”…more


“This plugin enables you to display how many users are online on your WordPress site, with detailed statistics of where they are and who they are (Members/Guests/Search Bots).”…more


“Aleph implements profiles, paginated and customizable user lists. It supports localization and pretty permalinks. Suggestions, bug reports and fixes (specially security & bug fixes) are welcomed. PHP 5 is required.

Version 0.8 is a complete rewrite to get a simpler, faster and more flexible plugin with improved profiles and user lists. In the past Aleph used to have more features, but those were removed, as there are other alternatives for such a complex use.

Using Aleph, users become a important part of WordPress. If you run a site with WordPress, probably some users are authors, some are contributors, and most of them are only suscribers. With Aleph each user has his own profile, even if there are no public posts by that user.”…more

WordPress Members List

“The Members List Plugin allows you to create a post on your wordpress blog that lists all your wordpress members. When viewing the list of members you can also search through your members according to first name, last name, email address, URL or any other number of user meta fields you may specify. Employing pagination you can page through your search results and sort your results according to last name, first name, registration date or email.”…more

EasyPayPal WordPress

“EasyPayPal is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make money from your WordPress site by collecting a payment from your users. When a new user creates a login on your site, they will be taken to PayPal to process their payment. When they return to your site, the next payment date will be updated based on a period that you define. After the next payment date, the user will attempt to login and they will be taken to PayPal to process their next payment.”…more

Register Plus

“Enhance your Registration Page.

Custom Logo Tired of that WordPress logo getting all the attention? Upload your own custom logo image and get your brand in the spotlight.

Password Field Hate those forgettable auto-generated passwords? Allow your users to set their own prefered password during registration. Includes that sweet Password Strength Meter from the Profile page.”…more


“The simple way to turn your WordPress blog into a Social Network. Mingle uses your standard WordPress website and standard WordPress theme to create profile pages, user friending, profile page posts, profile activities, social comments, email notifications (with privacy settings) and a full directory of members. So go ahead and try it out — give your users a more social experience on your website!”…more

Community Submitted News

“Community Submitted News plugin is a plugin that let your users submit articles to your site. Most places can only turn out so many new articles/posts a week. Community Submitted News lets you allow your readers to add articles to your site. There is a full moderation panel. No story will be fully published until you allow it to be published. All articles are initially put in their own category for easy seperation from other content.”…more

Member Access

“Member Access allows a WordPress administrator to make individual posts and pages accessible only to logged-in members. Member Access allows global configuration so that all posts or pages can be viewable by everyone (the default) or only by members, and it also allows each post and page to override the global setting.”…more

Sidebar Login

“Sidebar-Login has both a widget and a template tag to allow you to have a login form in the sidebar of your wordpress powered blog.

It lets users login, and then redirects them back to the page they logged in from rather than the backend, it also shows error messages.”…more

Simple Facebook Connect

“Simple Facebook Connect is a series of plugins that let you add any sort of Facebook Connect functionality you like to a WordPress blog. This lets you have an integrated site without a lot of coding, and still letting you customize it exactly the way you’d like.

First, you activate and set up the base plugin, which makes your site have basic Facebook Connect functionality. Then, each of the add-on plugins will let you add small pieces of specific Facebook-related functionality, one by one.”…more

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    There are so many “Community” plug-ins to choose from. Which do you recommend? I’ve used Alkivia. Are the others, with subscription service better/as good as Alkivia?


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