Why optimizing your Website for the Mobile sounds like a Good Idea!

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Why Optimize?

Your customers want their goods and services as quickly as possible. On the go, at the house, at work, or at the store, customers are constantly on the lookout for potential companies that can make their lives better or easier in some way. Addressing this need through an optimized mobile website design will ensure that your competitors’ customers become your customers in a heartbeat.
There are many ways to create a mobile website, but some aspects of the best have distinct commonalities. These tricks of the trade can make your mobile site striking to look at, easy to navigate, and intuitive for your end-users. This will allow users to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily in your company.

How Users Find You

When users want a product, they rely heavily on research. This research comes in many forms. Most users’ research online prior to visiting any store and some will continue that research in the store prior to finally purchasing the product online. The fact of the matter is that your customers are becoming more educated about the products they choose to buy, even when eight out of ten mobile purchases are spur of the moment acquisitions.

This research doesn’t simply mean that they’re finding a specific product and researching it. The research starts before they even find the actual product. Nearly one third of your mobile customers are coming from a search engine, deciding to look into multiple products before honing in on one. Over half of mobile users are coming from social networking sites or e-mails, relying on word of mouth and trusted sources.

This curiosity and research doesn’t necessarily have to begin with a need or want they had. Many times it begins with a need or want that they didn’t know they had. Nearly three-fourths of mobile users will immediately search for a product that they find interesting in TV, press, or mobile ads. The research is constant, quick, and your business needs to be ready with an optimized mobile website design.

Just Browsing

While customers are “just browsing” for a product they will inevitably come to your website and likely vote with their wallet. Slow sites, even ones with great functionality, have the potential to destroy sales before they even begin. Without proper optimization half of your customers will come to you less often. Research and accessibility is making brand loyalty is becoming a thing of the past and is quickly putting in its place convenience and deals. The foundations that businesses once stood on are becoming more and more shaky and the fight for a freer consumer base is here for the foreseeable future.


A key element in the fight for customers is speed. The quicker you hare, the better chance you have of maintaining a customer base. One second may not seem like a long time, but in the mind of the mobile user, one second can mean the difference between investing in your company and not. Unfortunately it’s not one second that your company needs to worry about in an optimized mobile website design, it’s 100 milliseconds. That infinitesimally small amount of time directly translates to 1% of your revenue gained or lost.

To put that simply, your site should literally load in the blink of an eye. And only four out of ten people will stick with you for three whole seconds.

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In the early days of the Internet it was enough to have a website that could be accessed from the phone. The truth of the matter is that today your customers want to know you, know why you’re better, and know it all now.


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