Web application review: Indexhibit

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Indexhibit (Index + Exhibit) is a web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that combines text, image, movie and sound. It was created by Daniel Eatock and Jeffery Vaska. It was built with web standards in mind (no longer using frames for instance) enabling search engines and users alike easy access and indexing of work.

Content flows to the edge of the browser, images can be displayed as thumbnails that can be enlarged etc., this is a break from traditional fixed layout design associated with print, and a move towards an interactive experience where the user creates their own viewing experience. This embraces recent interactive display methods.

You can use Indexhibit for your own creative content, a weird collection or something you have always wanted to exhibit.

Collections: stamps / records / toys / coke cans / shells / fixed wheel bikes / butterflies / coins / postcards

Small Business: garden centre / pizza shop / estate agent / bookshop / hair dressers / second hand clothing store / guitar shop / gallery

A new project: every item you own / every item you dispose of / every piece of mail you receive / every meal you eat / all your clothes.

We tested this application and we recommand it to you because is so simple to use and works very nice.

We collected a gallery of sites that use this application and invite you to check it in action.

Conditions magazine

FireShot capture #70 - 'Main _ Conditions Magazine' - www_conditionsmagazine_com

Kate Dewitt

FireShot capture #73 - 'Home _ ___Kate DeWitt___' - www_katedewitt_com


FireShot capture #80 - 'Welcome _ schmieso_com _o_O_ ?2009' - www_schmieso_com

Matt Thomas

FireShot capture #84 - 'Matt Thomas Design x Illustration' - www_mthomasdesign_com

David Waters

FireShot capture #69 - 'Ecosystems _ ishbu' - www_ishbu_com_index_php__projects_ecosystems


FireShot capture #81 - 'heimat ? Home' - www_heimat_be

Nicolas Bousquet

FireShot capture #83 - 'nicolas bousquet is flib {start}' - www_nicolasbousquet_com_portfolio

Federico Ferrari

FireShot capture #82 - 'Thisisfed - Hello! 09 ?57' - www_thisisfed_com

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