10 useful tools to check and improve the accessibility of your website

Any website is strictly dependent on the traffic received; there is no successful online presence that has no visitors. The number of websites is constantly increasing; therefore the competition is very harsh. Besides that, the average Internet user became more specialized and selective, now he is aware that Internet is the realm of the unlimited solutions. This is a very brief description of the Internet state but it reflects the true climate. Under these circumstances, how could someone launch a new website that should obtain a decent number of visits? It seems very difficult but everyday new websites prove that everything is possible.

Apparently, a chapter of the art of making websites is negligible and many times is ignored. Accessibility, a very complex term, is in fact the amount of ideas, techniques, and tools used to make any website easy to use by any person, no matter how gifted is or how he accesses it. Unfortunately, there is no precise formula or a specific sequence of code that simply makes a website accessible; all is related to a huge number of attempts and tests. Yep, testing and testing is the key of having an accessible online presence. Many people don’t take the accessibility into account because is wrongly considered that the number of people having problem with a “conventional” website is very limited. The latest statistics revealed that the situation is different, almost 20 % of the total Internet users are encountering various problems, some very important, some still tolerable. Instead of risking ignoring a potential visitor is better to make the websites more accessible. The general opinion is that by paying attention to any details is a sign of professionalism and in this case is built a “healthy” brand.

Improving the accessibility of a website is a perpetual task and it’s never gained the status of 100% accessible. The next ten resources are an irreplaceable help for everyone in order to obtain a better website and is highly recommended to bookmark the addresses.


If you are newbie in the accessibility field then you must know that everything under “WebAIM” (Web Accessibility in Mind) signature is a quality product. This website let anyone, of course, freely, to check his website and it’s better to correct the mistakes highlighted. Here, also may be uploaded sequences of codes to check and may be installed some useful extensions. Definitely, it deserves a try!

2.Eval Access

This is another place where a website may be checked, much more, here is obtained a detailed diagnosis about the level of accessibility. The apart feature consists in the cataloguing of the errors according to the priorities, in this way the tester knows which error must be immediately repaired.


Here is an address that surely must be verified if you want a more accessible website. It offers a complete summary of all the problems; the interface is very simple and the verification is free so check your works!

4.Content quality

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Content quality is another place that must be checked to obtain valuable information about a website. A smart designer or accessibility specialist must use as many sources as he knows to make the websites more accessible, none of these offer an exact diagnosis and it’s highly recommended to obtain information from multiple perspectives.

5.Juicy Studio

This website allows the use of some amazing tools, really useful for our job. First of all, here is a separated delimitation between various accessibility issues and is easier to implement the corrections. Second, the analysis is in depth and the recommendations are professional made. Third, it contains a large palette of directions, from CSS analyzer and readability test to the needed color contrast.


This validator gives to the user complete details about any issue, even the position onto the code and this must be a good reason to visit the website.


Many problems related to accessibility may be resolved by making a cleaner code and by paying attention to small CSS details, many times unnoticed, but very important for the ones in need. Here is realized a good analysis of the CSS component, if you want such a task, here is the perfect option.


The colors are playing a huge role for any website and a bad color combination is nothing more than an online suicide. This website is really fabulous when it’s about colors and contrasts; it allows seeing the websites in the same way as is perceived by people having various sight problems.


This is really awesome; it is the perfect tool for any design agency. The application establishes the role of each contributor for a website construction. A very good idea, fully deserve to be bookmarked.

10.WAI tools

I am sure that some readers won’t be satisfied with just nine resources and consider that many other solutions are welcomed. Especially for them, I included in the end a place where are presented many other accessibility tools. In this way is impossible not to find the best ones.

Any reader is welcome and strongly encouraged to share with us his preferred tools and let us know his opinion about accessibility and the buzz created around this concept. It will also be great to know if this post was useful to anyone, so use the comment form.

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