A guide to chosing the best web hosting – VPS

Nowadays web hosting is a must after you bought your first domain name. Many people want a website and also many think that if they bought the domain is enough. But things are not so simple at may be at a first sight. You need to host your site content in some place. And here it is where it comes the problem of decision: which web hosting solution is proper to your needs?

We help you by starting a series of presentation of the most used hosting solutions in the hope that you will save time and money and have a better decision when comes about the perfect hosting solution for your website. Our first presentations starts with VPS.

What is a VPS ( Virtual Private Server) ?

A VPS is practically a virtual machine that is used exclusively by an individual customer. Even if this is running software on the same physical computer what is most important is that it has the functionallity equivalent to a separate physical computer. It can run the software that is needed by the client and is dedicated to his goals.

Each virtual server can run its own customized operating system and can be independently rebooted.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS Hosting is the term used to describe multiple domains that are hosted on the same virtual private servers. It is a preferred hosting solution for small to medium sized businesses since it delivers control at a level similar to a dedicated server at a price not too much different from affordable shared hosting.

What are the main features of a VPS hosting?

A VPS Hosting generally includes the following:

  • Basic server features
  • Internet connection services
  • Domain name registration
  • File storage and directory services
  • An email account with related services
  • Website and web page design for a certain fee

What are the advantages of VPS Hosting?

Great Cost – While a dedicated server may cost you over $100 per month, the price of a VPS is usually not too far removed from shared hosting. This is why VPS hosting is a great value for small or medium companies on a small budget. With no major equipment purchases required, virtual hosting is also ideal for start up companies trying to minimize their initial investment.

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Support and enhanced protection -  Virtual hosting providers generally offer a very good support, providing you with the security of available help when you need it most. With the server running in the comfort of its own isolated environment, you are shielded from the stability and security issues originated by other users. In addition, many VPS Hosting companies have measures in place to keep your site from hackers.

Great Flexibility – You can choose from a lot of options to configure your own VPS depending your needs. You have the option of selecting from many extra modules or installing your own custom applications. You have root access that allows you to interact deeply with the server. For example you are allowed to create applications in multiple programming technologies installed on the server like PHP, ASP Cold Fusion or Ruby on Rails.

What are the disadvantages of VPS Hosting?

Speed Limitations – Since you share the virtual private servers with your virtual web hosting provider’s other clients, your customers compete for access.  This is why is possible that during peak periods your server to be slower. For this reason, a virtual private server cannot achieve the stability and optimal performance of the dedicated variety.

Higher Risks -  With virtual web hosting, you may end up sharing an IP address with scammers, spammers, or other unproper sites. Because all virtually hosted sites are treated as a group, you could easily be banned from search engines that actively seek to block questionable activity. Also there is problem of a certain level of knowledge regarding server update and security. You will need to have someone applying security patches and system updates in case you do not know how to do that via remote administration.

Control limitations – VPS hosting shares software components. This is why you can not configure individual settings independent of the other clients serviced by your VPS hosting provider.

Is Virtual Private Server good for me?

This question must be answered considering your needs at that time. If you are at the beginning of your business and you need more then a presentation website and you want to be able to have a higher configuration level for your server then VPS is a good option. In case you want to have a powerfull server and not depend on others and have no risks then you should think twice considering the risks involved.

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