MooCrop – Flexible Image Cropping utility

MooCrop is an Image Cropping utility using the amazingly powerful mootools javascript framework. MooCrop goal is to do only one thing (image crop ) but to do it well. When used in conjuction with a server side script becomes a powerful image manipulation tool.

Features include:

  • Completely customizable CSS styling
  • Detects and handles multiple CSS box models
  • Allows for masking to be toggled
  • Ability to hide resize handles during drag
  • Custom events for your own modification
  • Relative based postioning rather then absolute (should handle overflow properly)
  • Works and retains layouts on floating images.
  • Resize from 8 different directions
  • Ability to set minimium size limit
  • Cleans up nicely, leaving your DOM in its original state when removed.
  • Fast!


MooCrop has been tested with IE 6 & 7, FF 2+, Opera 9.2 and Safari 2 & 3.

Download mootools, required dependancies:

  • Core: Moo, Utility, Common
  • Native: Array, String, Function, Element, Event, Dom
  • Element: Element.Dimensions, Element.Events
  • Plugins: Hash

For your convenience:

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