15+ jQuery transition effects

Flash territory has been taken over efficiently by jQuery!! jQuery is a coding language, which works like JavaScript. This light weight JavaScript library is very easy to use and has features which help you work in a better, quick and more efficient way. The best jQuery effects are its drop down menus, drag and drop elements, animations and form validation. You do not need to use Flash now for animation it can simply be done by jQuery. jQuery is also connected with other coding language. You just need to download the package and install library scripts!!

Everybody knows that if you want more traffic on your website, want to stay on top of future trends of search, want to have the best and most beautiful or professional looking website then jQuery is the solution.

jQuery release new plug-ins everyday and skimming through this sea of new plug-ins is NOT an easy task. Every other plug-in catches our eye and we want to use it in our website, but you can not use all of these plug-ins and you get confuse which one to pick.

So is the case with jQuery effects, it has made the life of jQuery programmers easy and has made it possible for those who do not know jQuery, to do wonders. No matter whatever content you have, you can easily make it more interactive and responsive by using jQuery transition effects. By using these effects you can make your designs even more amazing and impressive.

Because jQuery transition do wonders in deigns, it is better if we take steps in acquiring a sizeable collection of ready to use plug-ins in various categories. So to make things easier for you, today I have compiled a list of jQuery transition effects.


This is used to display photos in slide show with fancy transition effects. This easy to use jQuery plug-in can be used with Safari 2+, Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 2+, Google Chrome 3+, Opera 9+.

Jquery Fade InFade Out

By using this jQuery effects you can make your text, content, pictures or anything fade in and out when pointers is on them.

Lazy Load

This lazy load effect of jQuery helps long web pages load faster by only loading the content and images of viewport and loading the rest when user scrolls down.

The Sexy Curls jQuery Plugin

This is an open source jQuery plug-in which helps you to share the beauty of page fold feature.

jQuery Booklet

This plug-in displays the content in flipbook classy style. It is built using jQuery library.

jQuery pageSlide

This is an easy to use jQuery plug-in which allowa the developer to recreate similar interactions on their own website. This pageSlider plug-in wraps the original content in a wrapper and secondary content is loaded on an additional block. The slide is animated whenever clicked.

Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery

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This effect creates beautiful menu which drops sown and reveals all the additional information whenever a mouse runs over them.

jQuery MagicLine Navigation

This effect highlights background and/or an underline whenever a mouse runs over them. Once you add and style it in the list, it will figures out the left position and the width and animate accordingly.


As its name tells, it highlights and then fades away the text or image when mouse runs over them.

Dynamic Page / Replacing Content

This is a vert cool effect, it replaces the displaying page instead of opening a new window when navigation option is clicked.

jQuery Cycle Plugin-Effects Browser

This jQuery plug-in supports many different plug-ins which includes pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks and many more.

jQuery Captify

This plug-in was basically written to display simple, pretty image caption which reveal themselves when a mouse rolls over them, a very good example of this is bing.com.

Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSS

This is an awesome jQuery plug-in, it flips to reveals its content which is on its underside when the mouse runs over them.


This plug-in pops up an image and its description/content in an overlay on hover

Grid Accordion with jQuery

This plug-in works similarly like other accordions, only different and a good feature is that it expands the cell being use to a readable width.

jquery Professional Dropdown Menu

This simple and classy yet professional dropdown menu integrates a long list of items in your menu. This multiple dropdown option saves a lot a space.

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