Why should designers use social media?

Why should designers use social media?

As you may have noticed, 2011 is the year of ?social media and the revamped tablet-pc. Tough the iPad and its counterparts are interesting topics and can bring added value to designers, in today’s article we will focus on the social media phenomenon and why should designers use social media. I will present a few of the benefits that designers get by using social media on a daily basis.

First of all social media is a fast and cost-effective (in most cases free) way of promoting your work. All you need to do is post on your Facebook wall or tweet about your project and all of your friends and followers will have easy access to your work and, most important, they can pass it forward to all of their contacts?drastically?increasing your audience. You can also use the premium features offered by social media networks which, for a fair price, offer great ways to reach your targeted audience. Compared to traditional media the cost is much lower and from experience I must say the results are much more?satisfying.

Attracting new customers is much easier if you are familiar with social media. Using it as an effective promotion tool is one of the ways you can get the attention of future customers but not the only one. Maintaining comprehensive social media profiles facilitates ?interaction with potential customers, who want to know you both?professionally and personally, social media offering the advantage of showcasing both aspects.

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Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, blogs, discussion panels and forums etc.) brings you closer to the world-wide design community enabling you to find better inspiration, get objective and constructive feedback and increase your work’s overall value.?Without input from others, designers in particular and people in general tend to limit themselves within certain?boundaries thus making it very hard to evolve. In addition, you have access to other designers’ work on which you can comment, helping others evolve at the same time.

The ROI (Return Of ?Investment) that social media provides is greater than any?traditional?media ROI. This means that for the same amount of resources (time, money etc.) invested you will get better results with social media. Sure, traditional media offers much more impressive ways to get yourself noticed but does it really create the buzz you are looking for? Unless you are willing to spend a small fortune it won’t.

Social media is an extesion of your real life, and you need to find a way to balance these two. Remember that your real life business contacts are online as well, thus offering you an extensive network of people of which you can benefit.

As any other thing in life, social media needs to be used with moderation: always keep focus on your objectives and don’t get distracted by all the stuff that is happening around you, pay great attention to the content you distribute using these channesl and make sure no one is offended by any of your actions.

All in all social media can be a great way of promoting your work, as long as you have establish a social media strategy and keep to it.



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