When the Right Web Design Things Start to Click

If your online business’s business is slow but not steady, have you taken a hard look at your website’s design layout? Since you’re browsing a site devoted to the topic I’ll assume you have. But are you just musing, still weighing on whether you really think investing in good web design is worth it? I assure you it most certainly is.

Good web design isn’t about the perfect font or the best sounding music to welcome your visitors, even though these things are important. More importantly, however, is the way your website achieves function through form. A company may not realize that just because the site navigation isn’t placed where human eyes naturally move, customers may become confused and leave before bothering to see what there is to offer. A clever intro video highlighted with the most advanced of graphic design might in fact be hindering potential customers’ ability to load the site properly if its bandwidth demands are too high. In order for design to lead to results, it must first lead the customers.

The most important aspect of web design is the search engine optimizing of your language. The right words strung together on your website can lead to exponential results. This is because the overwhelming majority of your visitors, nearly 80%, will find you through a search engine. Without the right phrases plugged into your wording, scores of potential customers may not even find your website to begin with. Text, after all, is the soul of the internet search.

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Just recently Pennsylvania-based online office supply company Eofficedirect.com was the beneficiary of professional web design done by LSF Interactive, which attributed to a 50% increase in the company’s business. Wouldn’t you like to see a 50% increase in your business achieved through the simple task of getting your web design up to professional standards? It really can be that easy a move to make to gain that much more profit.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, a UK-based association of professional marketers and an authority on the most recent of marketing trends, has definitively declared that businesses get “good value” in any and all investment into SEO science and design. Ray Jones, the institute’s head of communications and external affairs, admitted they themselves are now recruiting online marketers at an unprecedented rate due to the rapid increase in demand for solid website designers. Unless you foresee the unlikely collapse of the Internet reigning numero uno in information location, there’s really no way to justify a disinterest in professional design.

Still musing? Get those clicks to stick and take design seriously. The count of your future customers depends on it.

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