Halloween E-card – Photoshop Tutorial


Since Halloween is coming faster than we might realize  we wanted to share with you a way to design your own e-card and send it to your friends. This is why we created a tutorial of a Halloween E-Card that is pretty simple to follow and offers you great results.

Here is the final E-card that we are going to create in this tutorial:


Open Photoshop, and create a new document, make it 1000 px width and 700 px height.

The first step I have made, is to cut-off one castle picture that I am going to use.

I have chosen this photo of a castle:


Cut the background using the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L), like in the next picture:


Then apply some effects to make it look older, play around with the Color Balance:


Then look for a picture , or wallpaper that we are going to use for the main background of our E-card. I have chosen a mountain landscape wallpaper like this one:


Using the the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L), cut off the clouds above , because we will add more mountains in the back of the landscape.


Search for another mountain landscape, to make it more variously.


Drag the mountains behind the first landscape:


Play around with the Color Balance and change the color into the one you wish.


Then drag the castle into the main background, and place it in the position you want. Also cut off the clouds of the second landscape, we are going to use a darker background there.


Again change the color of the entire picture, using the Color Balance panel.


Add some nice “blur” effect on the river, using the brush tool. Give the layer you create an “overlay” effect to make the blur blend into the image.



Next make a contour around the edges of the castle, and fill the with red, or any color that you like and will look good.



Give the layer with the red edges an “Overlay” effect.


In the next step I have add some blur around the entire picture to give it a little more “fantasy effect”.

You can do that by using a brush tool at a very low opacity.


Like I said we are going to use a dark background behind the mountains. I have used the one in the picture below.



Then we are going to add a “Gradient Fill” to the entire image. To make it all dark, and keep the light focus only the castle.



Find a moon picture and place it on the background.



Add more “Gradient Fill” to make it even darker.


The we want to lighten up the castle using the moon light. Draw some lines, and give them a blur effect.


Also give the layer oh the lights an overlay effect, or some other effects that will look good on them.


Next we will add a “witch” to our card. Find a picture with a girl like the one below.

I got this one from  http://hiddenyume-stock.deviantart.com/art/Gothic-Witch-7-102179970


Cut off the background of the picture.


Draw a black shape around the face and hands, because we want to make her skin look a little older.


I am using a nice texture to do that effect. Got the texture from



Cut off the texture around the face, and hands shapes.


Give the layer with the texture an “Color burn” effect to blend over her skin.


Then drag the witch picture into our image. Using the color balance panel you can change her color to match our image.


Copy the layer with the witch and duplicate it. Add to the one on the background a Motion blur effect, and cut off the part in the front of the witch. This way we are going to give a motion effect on the witch, like she was “flying”.


Next we will add the text to our e-card, find a nice old paper texture and use it as background for the text.

I have use this photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/bittbox/2691973960/



You can also add a nice icon, or Halloween vector , to make it nicer.

I have used one of the vectors from here: http://csscreme.com/freeiconspack/halloween


Use a nice font and compose the text of your E-card.

I have used Black Chancery font from http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Black_Chancery.htm


In the end to make the e-card look vintage, add another old paper texture over the entire image and give it an “Overlay” effect.


And this is the final result.


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