Inspirational modern architecture houses

Interior design plays an important part when it comes about our real life. If in digital world you can create anything without any restriction just using forms, colors and lines, in real world design must use materials. Many people have a dream house in mind. They know from start how it will look . Creating modern architecture needs a lot of people and skills starting with project for the house till decoration of it.

You must use a good architect that can translate your mind plan into a technical one and also respect construction limitations and bring a sort of balance.? Also important are materials… if you want a ground floor or? a solid rock one or if you want to use metal or glass.

The possibilities are endless to have a unique construction. Also after you have built your house it is like an empty gallery with no paintings. After that your talent and vision of decorating it comes into place. You start with all kind of elements and build a network of concepts that relate one to each other.

Decorating a house is like painting with different colors and be able to match them in a way that gets the most emotion into your head. You start with basic tones and get more and more of the final result.

We showcase a list of great modern architecture houses that may help future house owners have a start idea about what it means designing of a great house.

Davis Residence

Home in Santa Ynez

Luxury Wyuna Home

Pinnacles Interpretive Centre

House in Lo Curro

House Building in Venice Beach


St. Barts Residence

Building in Switzerland

Residence in Nicosia

Bewitching Family Retreat

Levitating Modern House

East Windsor Residence

Housing in Mera-La Coruna / A-cero

Butler House

Yerger Residence

Coopers Beach House

House In Ekali

The Belvedere House in Florida

Residence in Voula

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