Artist worth mentioned – Kevin Roodhorst

Kevin Roodhorst is a 20-year-old graphic designer/digital artist from The Netherlands and is currently studying graphic design in Amsterdam. His specialty is making promotional material like flyers, posters and banners and he is very good at this. In his spare time he is making personal projects and searching for more inspiration.

Another hobby of Kevin is photography. He likes to make photos of textures and other elements that he thinks he can use for own projects. His work  is published in design magazines in countries such as: The Netherlands, England, France, Germany and Russia. If you love his artwork you can visit his online store where you can buy different poster sizes.

Finally Free

Endless Journey

Urban Projects

Unexplained Mysteries


Silver Glow


Straight to the top

Only Time

Make a wishInvasionEternity

Secrets Of EgyptRemember me



Van Gogh

can you do my homework

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