Great Street Art Inspiration

Great Street Art Inspiration

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Street art is any form of art created in public spaces.

The term can include traditional?graffiti artwork,?stencil graffiti,?sticker art,?wheatpasting and?street poster art, video projection,?art intervention, guerrilla art,?flash mobbing and?street installations. Typically, the term?street art or the more specific?post-graffiti is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti,?vandalism, and corporate art.

Street art has always been something we had our “eye” on, but until now we haven’t managed give it the proper attention it deserves. In this article we have selected over 30 great street art works for your inspiration which we really hope you will enjoy. Also if you feel that other works deserve a place in this selection let us know via the comments section.

For more great works you can visit the following sites:

Wooster Collective

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