Great business cards design inspiration

Most of the companies or individuals that have a business or work in a field where getting in contact with clients is a must have a business card. There are two types of business cards today. A traditional paper one that is easy to use when you get in touch with people and an electronic one or a green one that does not need paper and may have a wide variety of expression.

Even if getting visual effects in new era of technology is very easy and may have great visual impact I personally consider that a traditional business card has a greater affective effect when you share it with your business partners or clients. It gets to a more closer connection and depending how is presented, what material was used (paper, plastic, wood, metal or other elements), what makes it very powerfull is that it represents you entirely.

Maybe some people would say there are a lot of limitations when creating business cards. I may say the only limit is lack of imagination. Please take a look at some ideas and examples in practice and think twice before ordering your next set of business cards.


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