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“ProductionLoïc Sattler is a French Art Director experienced in web, multimedia, print collateral, clothes styling, and corporate identity. He studied Media Communication and Multimedia for 2 years at the university Louis Pasteur (France), as well as 2 years in multimedia creation / theory at the European Institute of Design (France).  He then moved at the Merz Akademie Stuttgart (Germany) to study new-media theory for his European Media Masterof Arts, an MA diploma delivered in 6 schools throughout Europe, by the University of Portsmouth (Uk).  His Master thesis was curated by Pr. Olia Lialina and Pr. Dr. Helmut Draxler.Loïc worked as a freelancer during his whole studies, doing print, web, styling and some 3D/motion works for French and German studios.  In 2003, he launched his platform into virtual orbit, where he showcases selected artistic zand professional projects.

Loïc works with special emphasis on aesthetics, creative ideas and communication goals, with a very high attention to details.Inspired by everything, interested and enthusiastic, he is in love with visual creation. Known as efficient, he’s able to manage a creative crew and likes to have a global view on the projects he is working on.Loïc is devoted to people who share his passion, by attending and organizing conferences, building-up design related events, teaching in schools and writing articles / interviews for communities and magazines.  His aim is to be understood as an individual who wishes to take things further by empowering his profession to the best of his ability.”

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See all his work at

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