Designers worth mentioned – Heiko Klug

Heiko Klug is a 25 years old digital artist. His first contact with art was graffiti, almost 10 years ago. In the beginning of 2004 he discovers the digital medium and started to publish his works in the world wide web.

At the moment Heiko is searching for an apprenticeship training position as digital media designer in germany. In 2008 he started an online project called “RiskShiftLabs”, a collaborative portfolio with Kai Isselhorst.







See all work at jesar-one

5 Responses to “Designers worth mentioned – Heiko Klug”

  1. Demitri says:

    Cool concept. Thanx for sharing = )

  2. Demitri says:

    Wow!! Nice work. I just love it. The kid and the cat on the bottom left corner is so coool . Thanx for sharing = )

  3. Dex says:

    Cool. Its really nice. Pretty good concept. You really must have cool imaginations = )

  4. Sam says:

    Nice!! The little guy there in the wallpaper is cool = )

  5. Alex says:

    Very Nice!! = )

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