Creative Bingo Boards for Popular Culture


Bingo has managed to invade global media culture so that it now has its own phenomenon. This is one where online media outlets devise a form of bingo to accompany viewing of the event, so as to point out possible outcomes or key occurrences throughout. Previously examples have included bingo games to accompany the US Presidential Election, the Olympic Games and the Academy Awards. This is achieved by drawing out a five-by-grid of 25 spaces and then filling these with actions likely to happen. Players can then watch the event on TV and mark of the actions as they occur throughout.

Bingo for Hipsters

While the games commonly feature basic card with written actions, you can also pay for bingo cards online where engaging pictures have been created. One of our favourite designs has got be of a hipster bingo board, with this featuring some intricate drawings of common things you would associate with hipsters. This is a game best played while out in the world, so search out a spot in the park or at a café popular with hipsters – don’t let them cat you staring, though.

Haruki Murakami


Haruki Murakami is a hugely popular Japanese author. One fan loved the works of the author so much that he developed a comic bingo card to display common story actions within the Murakami’s books. Haruki Murakami bingo shows the flexibility of the game and how it can be applied to represent the interests of anyone.

Make Your Own

It is entirely possible to devise your own form of bingo. All you need to do is simply give some thought to your topic and then list as many related outcomes and actions that you can think of. You can then type them up within a five-by-grid and you will be ready to play – remember to keep the middle of the grid as a free space.

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You can find lots of different bingo sites in the web, but playing in bingo sites that accept PayPal is far easier. So, if you wish to continue your new-found hobby you should visit this site, The games are much more fun when you actually play with numbers and to try and win a jackpot or other prizes.

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