Artist worth mentioned Cristiano Siqueira

Cristiano Siqueira, is an Illustrator from São Paulo / Brazil, also known by the artistic identity of CRISVECTOR.
He started officially as a professional Illustrator, in 2005. Digital art and vector illustration are his passion and all his work is created in these formats.

He started career as graphic designer, works in projects for books, CD covers, magazines and posters. Some years later, he’s started to work on packaging design, for toys and food industry.With 6 years professional experience in the graphic design industry, is able to understand, improve and contribute to more projects.

He worked with clients from Brazil such as:

Editora Abril, Editora Globo, Richmond Publishing Brasil, Inked Magazine Brasil, Azaléia, MasterCard Brasil.
And clients worldwide: Sportfive Magazine (Hamburg, Germany), Microsoft, Nike, Playdom among others.


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