Free vectors to create amazing backgrounds

When creating a website, background plays an important part. There are designs that use a simple monochromatic background because these are just informative and the best way to present easy readable information is to have backgrounds that do not attract people to look around. But, there are also other sites that need to transmit a powerful message using an eye catching background.

Usually, these sites are the ones that display resources or other media related to art or other creative field where image represents the most important part. Most of cool design related blogs make us of such backgrounds that are like a visually magnet and invite you to be inspired.

We picked up some nice attractive vectors that willl help you create your design into an infinite number of ways. Please check them and if you know more vectors please send them to us.

Free Colorful Abstract Illustration

Modern Retro Background Vector

Retro disco Background Vector

Leaves On Curly Branches Vector

Stars Retro Background Vector

Exotic Paradise

Butterfly Background

Summer Joy

Tribal Graphics

Design Set

Orange Flowers Free Vector Background

Blue Floral Free Vector Background

Colored Green retro Art Background

Colored Flowers Vector Art Design

3 Responses to “Free vectors to create amazing backgrounds”

  1. Marty says:

    Nice backgrounds. I already used a vector for a design I am doing right now.

  2. some pretty awesome vector images, very colorful :D

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