50 best female web designers around the world


Here we are in 2009. The Web, which is considered by many people the most important invention of past century is certainly the fastest media changing space. At this stage anyone may become a web architect. Designers, coders and all kind of developers use their skills to create beautiful websites. Seems that nowadays everyone is able to start a site in seconds.

Either is using a free template, a free blogging system or other custom solution, every person with just a little knowledge about computers is able today to “show” something. But who are the real professionists behind the scene? Who are the real designers in this big ocean of information? Well… some years ago we could have provided a simple answer: men. But today? … Many people would say… still men. Many surveys proved that and maybe its the same, but what about women? Who else can bring emotional, stylish and artistic touch on web design other then women? We searched the web and found an impressive number of great female web designers that bring inspiration and great sensitivity in this web design community.

Please enjoy our 50 best female web designers list and in case you know about other great female designers please add them to our list.

Larissa Meek


Veerle Pieters


Elena Gafita


Gisele Jaquenod


Kimberly Coles


Natalia Devalle


Michela Gorgoglione


Rina Miele


Casey L. Jones


Tanya Merone


Alyssa Tucker


Bel Koo


Maja Bencic


Valentina Olini




Nicole Hanusek


Meagan Fisher


Caty Ng


Claire Baxter


Lisa Moseley


Shirley Ann


Natalie Jost


Marija Zaric


Johanna Goodyear


Mourylise Heymer Marreiros


Leticia Motta


Inayaili de León


Michela Chiucini


Lea Alcantara


Ali Felski


Lynsey Broadhurst


Drew Europeo


Jen Germann


Ximena Ruiz


Cindy Li


Namie Taniguch


Simona Gabriela Buzatu


Sarah Parmenter


Loredana Racila


Amy Mahon


Jackie Ellse


Sabrina Dent


Jan Cavan


Denise Wilton


Grace Smith


Emma Taylor


Jen Gordon


Eva-Lotta Lamm


Melissa Hie







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  1. wangbo125 says:


  2. david says:

    very good ;)

  3. Nguyen Chi Thong says:

    Search Iformation

  4. Tanner says:

    Cool. Very good selection. I did not know that so many women are doing web design :)
    I am forward to see part 2 for this post.

  5. Jessica Anderson says:

    WOW…Very inspiring collection !!!
    I want to learn web design also. Please share us some great tutorials as I am a beginner.

  6. Marija Zaric says:

    Thanks a lot for including my personal website in this inspiring list of very creative female web designers.

    Best regards

  7. Er says:


  8. Yaili says:

    Thank you for the mention! I’m really happy to be included in such a wonderful list – a good way to start the day :)

  9. Nice roundup. I particularly like Ali Felski’s site :-)
    All are very nice – good work everyone!

  10. Pete says:

    Congrats to all that made the list (and I do sincerely mean that) but surely, especially in the design industry, sex matters little to a designer’s ability to be good?

    Why top 50 female? Are we somehow saying that female designers do something different to male designers and so they deserve special credit? Perhaps that they don’t fall in the “top 50 designers”?

    Of course not. A good designer is a good designer whether female, male, cat, dog or Venusian. So why create these arbitrary lists?

    The one plus here is that these designers are good designers and not because of or in spite of them being female. They possess talent.

    BTW I’m in the “Top 10 grumpy on a Tuesday people that are fed up with these random lists but at least you picked a sensible number and not 17 or something even more random” list.

  11. admin says:

    Hi Pete!

    If you are asking why? Then let me explain you. Because men are a majority when comes about web design. This is proved by different polls and as we may see on all kind of site galleries most of these sites are done by men. Idea of this post came to me when my girlfriend saw me browsing all kind of sites and asked me if I know some good female web designers… and at that moment I knew just a few comparing to the number of male web designers I know. So I thought… it is interesting to see what women are doing about web design and making that list was a nice browsing experience for me. At least now I can show my girlfriend a longer list and she will be proud.

    So I invite you to search and add more female web designers on this list that I may have missed.


  12. Pete says:

    That’s a fair enough reason but perhaps the phrase “top 50 female web designers” is a little misleading.
    With that said, I’m not sure what to suggest for a different title :)

    Here’s one to add…
    Kat Neville (@kassy4)

  13. Jan says:

    Thank you for including me in this list! I really appreciate it :)

  14. Maja Bencic says:

    Thank you for including my website!!

  15. Rina Miele says:

    This is great – Thanks for having me be a part of this article.

  16. LizMcGPR says:

    Nice list, certainly drives interest!

    Based on yr comments to Pete it is then – sites you like as opposed to “top female designers”?

    What criteria helped them get on the list? Would love to know a little bit more on the selection process and criteria.

    Lots I agree with and some I don’t but then its personal choice – was that the main criteria?

  17. admin says:

    Hi Liz!

    Is pretty simple to answer to your question:

    Main criteria for selecting a person was her portofolio.

    Another point of interest is also personal site and here yes I may be subjective.

    Many of the sites presented I know from the past. An example is Veerle Pieters. I think I know her work from the moment I searched for design inspiration)

    I want to mention that I have not made a top here. Order is random and all of them are great designers in my opinion so ordering by some criteria would be an impossible job.

    I also am forward to receive more great female designers suggestions and hope to release soon an updated list.


  18. Thank you! What a good surprise to see my name on this topic above! ;)

    And congratulations to all these women – designers -with their inspirational works.

  19. Great list… Thanks

  20. Bel Koo says:

    Thank you for your featured! :)

  21. divinefusion says:

    way to go girlpower! I have noticed the lack of lady designers/bloggers/tweeples
    this list is refreshing .//

  22. Arlene says:

    Thanks for posting this, finally women are getting the kudos they deserve…looking forward to more!

  23. Lea says:

    Thanks for including me in this list. Very flattering to be considered among the other bevy of beautiful sites and talent here. :)

  24. Rowan says:

    Wow, those really are great websites, very inspirational, thanks for sharing!

  25. Lisa Moseley says:

    Thanks for the mention! It’s an honor to be grouped with the list you have :)

  26. Grace Smith says:

    I’m super honored to be included in this list, thanks so much!

  27. Tara Hunt says:

    These are all awesome and should be just ‘the top designers’ online. Fantastic! Bookmarked!

  28. Nati says:

    Thanks for including me! it’s an honor :)

  29. Aadil Pitafi says:

    Yeah, and they can design better than me.

  30. Good list, but definitely missing one of my favs – Selene Bowlby of idesignstudios.com :)

  31. Andrew says:

    Very nice selection … Great job Kim Coles :)

  32. Nikki says:

    I agree – Selene Bowlby should be on this list. Despite that, it is a great list of women. We’re slowly taking over the design world. ;D

  33. Calítoe.:. says:

    Nice list, but do women really need a list apart? I guess it depends on the kind of sites and portals you visit. If you moved in certain Internet circles you would think the only designers and designer wannabes round there are all female (thefanlistings.org, for example).

    I like the work by http://www.sarah-neuber.de/ too, by the way.

  34. Tim Akinduro says:

    Love the list. I agree with a lot of the people on the list. My favorite is Veerle. But I think amy lamp of forty agency should be listed on here.


  35. Drasko S says:

    Nice post.

    But I think that Milica Sekulic surely deserves to be listed here.
    Check out her portfolio at http://milicasekulic.com/


  36. Drasko S says:

    One more from Serbia: Jelena Jovovic

  37. xime says:

    Thank you for submitting my site!! It´s a honor!

  38. Oreana says:

    I’ve been wondering lately why the men:women web designer ratio is so unbalanced. Maybe girls are just less into technology and boring ol’ coding? We can certainly design just as well as the boys. :)

  39. Johanna says:

    Thanks for the include guys – Its an honour to be on the list =)

  40. bogdan says:

    CHARLENE CHUA should be also in this list, she’s got some amazing work.
    Her website:

  41. Susan says:

    Really cool list of designers. Nice to have so much female inspiration all in one place :) Looking forward to more articles like this one!

  42. TL says:

    No mention of Jina Bolton – http://www.sushiandrobots.com/ on here? Disappointing.

  43. Hi there, thanks for remembering me :-)

  44. Check out my web designs at http://www.pixelpopdesigns.com — I’m always striving for great design and usability.


  45. Jenna says:

    No offense to female designers and all, but i’ve noticed that most of these designs are very… girly. Try this as a test: Look at various portfolios and try to guess if the designer is male or female… most of the time, you can obviously tell which was designed by a female, because they tend to have certain colors and birds and butterflys and flowers and cupcakes and lollipops… and it keeps going. I think the biggest challenge for female designers is to think neutral, and not make everything look like damn Pleasantville. I’d really love to see that.

  46. Women don’t self-promote as easily as men do. It is super when someone helps us out! Christian Heilmann did that for women on the geeky side of things… I see he even came up with one of the same women!

  47. Fan says:

    You missed Erin O’Kelley of Ruby Slipper Designs at http://www.rubyslipper.com/portfolio.html – see also her Clients page.

    She’s been so busy I don’t think she’s updated her portfolio recently :)

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  49. Osvaldo M. says:

    It had been quite a while since i enjoyed a website so much as Claire Baxter’s site… Awesome portfolio site, i clicked through everything on that site going “wow”, “nice!”, “whats this?… WOW”.

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  52. Terrance-OXP says:

    I totally agreed that there is not such thing as sexist when it comes to design and bringing the best for the people around.

  53. Wow! Thank you so much for the honor of being included among so many gorgeous websites! All the ladies listed are more than deserving of the honor!

    Congrats fellow ladies!

    Thanks so much!

    Casey L. Jones

  54. Great post :) really interesting and nice to see that there are so many fellow ladies out there doing great job!
    I hope to be one of them someday.. :)

  55. Thank you for including me in this great list!

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  57. great list, thanks for the mention! I am well chuffed :D

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  60. Inspiring collection of designers :)

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  62. Jason says:

    Wow these are great. I am hiring a female designer for my next project.

  63. Amy Stoddard says:

    I would love to be featured on one of these awesome female designer and developer posts. My site validates HTML and CSS, uses JQuery and is powered by Expression Engine Core…such an incredibly flexible CMS. I also have a mobile version powered by http://mobify.me. Also see http://m.amystoddard.com.

    Of all these, Veerle impresses me most. :)

  64. Thank you for this list! It is truly inspiring. I understand better where I want to be in a couple of years. Thanks again.

  65. Hey there people from all over the world! :)

    First of… Thank you for the team at Indeziner to put together a list that would help promote these ladies in a male-saturated/dominated industry. I am all about supporting the female designers out there and would love to see more of these ladies becoming “superstar designers” that could be mentioned on the top of our heads when we think of top designers.

    Also, I am all about female designer’s self-promotion… You ladies need to do more self-promoting and get yourself out there! We need to break the “graphic glass ceiling” and be equally respected as our male-counterparts are also. You all need and deserve to be recognized.

    Good news is that I recognized few designers here in the list like: Claire Baxter, Lea Alcantara, Veerle, Larrisa Meek, Mourylise, Melissa Hie, etc… So there are already a good progress among us female designers. Please keep up the awesome work everyone! And I would love to have more female designer names to be remembered in my mind… So, don’t stop squeezing out those creative juices girls!! Keep truckin’!! :)

    Much Luv,
    (Chief Creative Squeezer of SQUEEZE OF LIME STUDIO).


    PS: I’m brewing a web project that would benefit all female designers. Check back with me on the progress! ;) Feel free to be my friend via Twitter! @SiskaFlaurensia.

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  67. Laura says:

    Great sites! They are so beautiful that I should change mine!!!!!

  68. Great List. As a female web designer myself, I love to see all the talent out there !

  69. Llyod says:

    Absolutely horrible, if these are the best female web designers from around the world, the web world is in a lot of trouble!

  70. John Doe Jr. says:

    You’ve also missed Cristiana Bârdeanu:


    Her old site:


  71. Tanner: “so many?” I would guess there are more than just 50 women in the web-design business…

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  73. Emanuela MTA says:

    GREAT! Girl power! :D
    I really saw here very beautiful designs.
    Hope to see more and more web projects from geek girls like you!

  74. BJ says:

    Nice…though some of the classifications are not fair! Nice section however.

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  76. Thanks to this list I received a new client, Selvam Subramanian of 7G Solutions to redesign his htttp://www.vamban.com. So, I thank you again for including me. It’s not often an American gets hired by an Indian in this field.

  77. saidja says:

    You’ve also missed Sara Preseni:
    In her portfolio there are a lot of great work.

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  86. Viuu says:

    this is a cool roundup. Many websites look great. My favorite is the Ali Felski one. But you’ve missed ours : http://viuu.co.uk made by a young 28 years old female…
    Don’t hesitate to have a look at it !

  87. David Cox says:

    When I saw top female web designers, I thought it might include other species than human, because otherwise you could just have used the term “woman”.

  88. superb list..!! liked it. :)

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  90. I’m still learning from you, but I’m improving myself. I definitely liked reading everything that is posted on your site.Keep the information coming. I loved it

  91. dp designer says:

    complimenti a queste designers, sono un esenmpio di creatività! :-)

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  93. Karven Tan says:

    WOW…Very inspiring collection !!!

  94. Great list of designers,

    I was wondering if you would consider my site for your list?

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