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How to measure real colour levels and their importance


With the increasing diversity of products, product recognition is becoming more important. Along with product design, color is one of the major factors in creating a product image. It has a great effect on market appeal and sales. The average consumer will not accept the color ranges that were the industry standard ten years ago. […]

Best Luxury Cars Concept


Luxury cars always make you turn your neck when you see them passing by. We admire their power that is deducted from their forms and the perfect lines that seem to be aligned so perfect to create complex and in the same time simple shapes. Concept cars like the ones we present here make the […]

Tablets Design Trends For 2012


Tablets are used more and more to replace laptops and have a better experience when going mobile. You can do almost everything you want with a tablet from reading a book to playing a nice game with your friends. There are a lot of applications developed for iOS or Android or Windows depending your tablet […]

Smartphone Design Trends and Concepts


Smartphones are widely used all over the world and soon will replace totally the normal only talk phones that are still sold on the market. Nowadays a smartphone keeps you in contact with your friends, makes possible to play different games, respond to emails and connect to your social networks to share photos, videos and […]

Futuristic chair design showcase


As a part of our interior design chairs play a very important part. For me and a lot of people chairs are very important because we use them to stay while working or to relax when coming home. This is why we want them to look modern, have a great style but also to be […]

Stylish and Creative Lamp Designs


best essay writing service Lamps are part of our inhouse existance. We need light and for that we need lamps to process the light and spread it all over our living spaces. Imagination is at its place when comes about designing lamps and elements to light our house. Nowadays, when all kind of techniques exist […]